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By H. Herman Schleich, Werner Kästle & Klaus Kabisch
ISBN 3-87429-377-7 (German)  $165.00

Amphibians and Reptiles of North Africa. Biology, Systematics, Field Guide. 1995.
185 colourphotographs. Approximately 625 pages gr8vo. Hardcover.


Orchid Names and their Meanings
By Hubert Mayr
 ISBN 3-904144-07-3 $50.00

 English translation from the German edition by M. Schmucker. 1998 548 p. gr8vo.

 This book is much more than a mere listing of orchid names and their  meanings. Besides
 the  list of orchid names and their meanings, which forms  the main body of the book, there
 is a large amount of additional very useful  information on the creation of species names,
 naming rules, usage of surnames, on pronunciation of orchid names, on orchid names
 frequently spelled wrong in literature, and many other aspects of orchid names. This book
 will be a very useful reference work for the orchid specialist and serious amateur.


Flora of the Bahama Archipelago
By D.S. & H.B. Correll
ISBN 3-904144-02-2  $275.00

Flora of the Bahama Archipelago (including the Turks and Caicos Islands) with
illustrations by Priscilla Fawcett. 1982 (Reissue 1996) 715 figs. 1 coloured plate.
50 & 1692 p. Cloth 17 x 24.5 cm.

Contents: Introduction; Key to the major Groups and Families of Vascular
Plants; Descriptive Flora: I. Pteridophyta, II. Gymnospermae, III. Monocotyledoneae, IV. Dicotyledoneae; Map of the Bahama Archipelago; Distribution Table; Itineraries; Selected References: Glossary; Index.


Flora Hellenica Volume 1 Gymnospermae to Caryophyllaceae 
Edited by Arne Strid & Kit Tan  $210.00
ISBN 3-87429-391-2, for volume 1 / ISBN 3-87429-4, for set

Flora Hellenica is the first comprehensive Flora of Greece to be produced for almost 100 years. It includes all species of wild growing vascular plants in the country, currently estimated to number c. 5,800. The sequence of families and genera follows that of Flora Europaea. Nine volumes are planned at 18-24 month intervals, the first in autumn 1996.

The Flora contains diagnostic keys at all taxonomic levels. Descriptions as well
as information on nomenclature, typification, habitat, distribution and chromosome numbers are provided for all species and subspecies. Dot maps are given for almost all taxa. They have been automatically generated from a database storing information on specimens, literature records and field notes, each record including geographical coordinates (degrees and minutes of longitude and latitude).  By March 1, 1996, the database held c. 280,000 records: it will be continually extended and updated throughout the project.