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Historia Naturalis Classica and other Botanical Reprints November 2000. Reprints by J.Cramer & Asher
Boissier,E.P. Diagnoses Plantarurn Orientalium Novarum. 19 parts bound in 3 volumes. Asher publ.
19 parts in 3 vols.
Hooker,J.D. The Botany of the Antarctic Voyage of H.M. Discovery Ships Erbus and Terror
In the years 1839-43. 6 vols. In 4
Hooker,J.D. A Century of Indian Orchids. Bound $200.00
Hooker,J.D. Himalayan Journals. 2 vols. In one. Vol. 1 348 pgs vol.2 345 pgs. India Reprint'68 $65.00
Humboldt editor: Kunth, Nova Genera et species Plantarurn Quas in Peregrinations Orbis Collegerunt
7 vols. In 3 plus atlas= 4 volumes bound
Karsten,P. A. Symbolae Ad Mycologiam Fennicm n bound 1966 $120.00
Linnaeus.C. Bibliotheca Botanica bound covers publ.by Fritch. Reprint $17.50
Marschall Von Bieberstein,F. Flora Taurico-Caucasica. 3 vols. In 2 HNC #67 $250.00
Mendel,G. Versuche Ueber Pflanzenhybriden paper bound HNC#4 $20.00
Oberdorfer,E. Pflanzensociologische Studien in Chile Series Flora and Vegetation Mundi#2 bd. $36.00
Poeppig,E. and Endlicher,S. Nova Genera ac Species Plantarum HNC #65 bound $335.00
Ralfs,J. British Desmidieae bound HNC #18 $64.00
Sprengel,C.K. Das Entdeckte Geheiinnis Der Natur HNC#97 bound $65.00
Swartz,O. Nova Genera of Species Plantarum Quae Sub Itinere in Indian Occidentalem Digessit
Bound HNC25
Wight,R. Icones Plantarum Indiae Orientalis 6 vols. In 3 HNC31 cloth bound $328.00
Wilkes,C. U.S. Exploring Expedition during the Years 1838-1842 3 vols. Text&atlas. Reprint bd. $650.00
Wood,J.M. and Evans,M.S. Natal Plants. Bd. HNC 74 $240.00
Historia Naturalis Classica - Zoology
Artedi,P. Genera Pisciurn Bd. HNC 53 reprint $225.00
Artedi,P. Ichthyologia HNC # 15 bd. Reprint $150.00
Klunzinger,C.B. Synopsis Der Fische Des Roten Meeres bd. HNC 36 reprint $100.00
Say,T. An Account of the Crustacea of the U.S. HNC #73 bound $50.00


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