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Hooker, Morna D.: The gospel according to St. Mark Black's New Testament Commentaries
ISBN 0-7136-3284-4
Baldwin,Nick Four Wheel Drive and Land Rover shire Album #221 softbound 32 pgs.illustr.0747803420  1 copy available $9.00
Brownjohn, Sandy: What rhymes with "Secret"? (a poetry book)  ISBN 0-340-28271-1 $15.00
Burl, Aubrey: Prehistoric astronomy and ritual  ISBN 0-85263-621-0  - 9 copies $12.50
Elliott, Charles: Comfortable compassion: proverty, power, and the church  ISBN 0-340-40737-9 $20.00
Griffin, James: Using local history sources. A teachers guide for the national curriculum, with contributions
by Carol Anderson and Greg Stragnell.  ISBN 0-340-60665-7
Hackman: Re-Reading Literature. New critical approaches to the study of English. ISBN 0-340-51233-4 $22.50
Jones: A modern Italian Grammer  ISBN 0-340-15637-6 $23.00
Mew Group: Exploring statistics- pack, including Student's and Teacher's notes ISBN 0-340-53158-4 $110.00
McGrath, Alister: Evangelicalism and the future of Christianity.  ISBN 0-340-60809-9 $24.00
McKeane, Rossana: Hotel Europa. Italia business Italian for Beginners.  ISBN 0-340-575-49-2 $33.00
Neville, Peter: Winston Churchill. Statesman or opportunist?  ISBN 0-340-60664-9 $12.00
Nicolello, I: Complete confectionery techniques.  ISBN 0-340-58259-6 $48.00
Pearce, R.: Britain: Industrial relations and the Economy 1900-39  ISBN 0-340-57374-0 $16.50
Pike, G.: Global teacher, global learner.  ISBN 0-340-40261-X $46.50
Plint, M.A.: Fluid Mechanics. A laboratory course.  ISBN 0-85264-245-8 $25.00
Reid, Francis: The Stage Lighting Handbook  ISBN 0-7136-3439-1 $27.00
Rowley, Nic: Hands On. A manual of clinical skills for students of complementary medicine.
ISBN 0-340-55798-2
Royal Botanic Garden: World Plant Conservation Bibliography.  ISBN 0-947643-24-9 $60.00
Sebba, Anne: Battling for News - the rise of the woman reporter.  ISBN 0-340-55599-8 $60.00
Simpson, Ray: Exploring Celtic spiritually - Historic roots for our future  ISBN 0-340-64203-3 $24.00
Smith, Ernest A. : The Sampling and Assay of the Precious metals. Comprising gold, silver, platinum, and
group metals in ores, bullion, and products.  ISBN 0-945345-74-7
Stocker, Paul: Wort fur wort - A new advanced German vocabulary.  ISBN 0-340-54784-7 $8.00
Symes: The English Rocco Garden.  ISBN 0-7478-0129-0 $15.00
Tetley, L.: Electronic Aids to Navigation. Position fixing.  ISBN 0-340-54380-9 $82.95
Wendam, John: Redating Matthew, Mark & Luke. A fresh assault on the synoptic problem.
ISBN 0-340-54619-0
West: Discovering Scottish Architecture.  ISBN 0-85363-748-9 $10.00
Wilkinson, Richard: Louis XIV, France and Europe 1601-1715.  ISBN 0-340-57511-5 $17.00
Winch, Val: Responsibility In Business-decision, issues and ethics; a case study approach.
ISBN 0-340-56732-5