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Dr. Charles Drechsler

Dr. Charles Drechsler (1892-1986) published 185 scientific papers during his career of over 45 years with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. One-hundred forty seven of these papers were full-length, major publications.

The reprints that are available include an excellent monograph on graminicolous helminthosporia published in 1923.  For this work, S. Ito later renamed one group of the helminths, Drechslera, in honor of Dr. Drechsler. Other classical works include descriptions of 21 new species of Pythium, as well as Phytophtora megasperma, and several species of Aphanomyces, notably A. euteiches and A. cochioides.

His work on the oomycetes led to extensive and classical studies on parasitism and predation of the soil microflora and microfauna by soil fungi.   Species are described that parasitize oospores and and mycelium of the oomycetes, eggs and adults of nematodes, and many soil amoebae and rhizopods.  Over 60 major publications described predation of nematodes, the capturing of amoebae, and the parasitism of testaceous rhizopods.

Many publications deal with newly described species of Basidiobolus and Conidiobolus, belonging to the Entomophthoraceae.  Most of Dr. Drechsler's publications are accompanied by excellent line drawings.  These drawings represent the work of a precise and critical observer and an artist at illustration.  The collection of reprints represents a lifelong career of one of the world's eminent mycologists and plant pathologists.


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