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Religious Two - June 2010

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Gift from the Sea

Author:   Lindbergh, Anne Morrow

Pub:   Pantheon Books

1955, Hardcover , 128  pages,

Summary: This is Anne Morrow Lindbergh's first book in eleven years. Her reflections on a woman's life were matured in these active years of family living and stimulated by conversations with men and women who experience the same problems and feel the same need for assessing the true values of life.



Why God Became Man, and the Virgin Conception and Original Sin

Author:   Saint Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury

Pub:   Magu Books

1969, Hardcover , 246  pages,

Summary: The translation is from the critical edition of Anselm's works and is very readable; Anselm's meaning is rendered cleverly, and the argument flows well. [The] introduction gives a sympathetic, charming and quite detailed life of Anselm, a description of his personality and character, also some account of his writings in general. The notes will be found very useful for background. - Heythrop Journal

ISBN: 0873430255 $35.00


I've Met Jesus Christ

Author:   Quoist, Michel

Pub:   Doubleday

1973, Hardcover , 168  pages,

Summary: To recognize Jesus; to encounter him and join him in his work of saving "the whole man and the whole of mankind." For those Christians who have lost sight of this reality, or who fumble in their quest to meet and live in Jesus Christ, Michel Quoist here offers a series of unique prayers and meditations which will bring them to a real encounter with Christ.

ISBN: 0385064624 $35.00


Theology for Beginners

Author:   Sheed, Francis Joseph

Pub:   Servant Books

1981, Paperback , 190  pages,

Summary: Theology for Beginners has been acclaimed as one of the outstanding modern introductions to theology. It is a clear, precise, a nd inspiring com-pendium of the central doctrines of the Christian faith.

ISBN: 0892831243 $15.00


Jesus of Nazareth: Meditations on His Humanity

Author:   Comblin, José

Pub:   Orbis Books

1976, Hardcover , 167  pages,

Summary: In this books, says Comblin, "we intend to meditate on the human, simply human, life of Jesus Christ. We want to examine again this Jesus of Nazareth just as the disciples knew him and understood him, or did not understand him, when they walked with him in the rough valleys of Galilee, roaming the villages of Israel, when they did not yet know him as Lord and Son of God."

ISBN: 0883442310 $35.00


Meister Eckhart: Teacher and Preacher

Author:   McGinn, Bernard; Frank Tobin; Elvira Borgstadt; Kenneth J. Northcott

Pub:   Paulist Press

1986, Paperback , 422  pages,

Summary: Here are the texts that illustrate the diversity of one of the most enigmatic and influential mystics of the Western Christian tradition. Eckhart the teacher is represented by the Commentary on Exodus and by selections from six other commentaries, including the Commentary on Wisdom 7:14, the Commentary on Ecclesiasticus 24:29, and the Commentary on John 14:8.

ISBN: 0809128276 $15.00


A Theology of Failure

Author:   Navone, John J.

Pub:   Paulist Press

1974, Paperback , 129  pages,

Summary: A theology of hope, with its emphasis on the future, needs to be counterbalanced by a theology of failure, say John Navone. Indeed, failure is a more common experience for men than hope. All persons die. And all persons, in the course of their lives, are pressed at last to compromise their highest expectations.

ISBN: 0809118394 $15.00


Community in the Lord

Author:   Hinnebusch, Paul

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1975, Paperback , 240  pages

ISBN: 0877930996 $15.00


Comforting Poems [The Salesian Collection]


Pub:   Salesian Missions

1988, Hardcover , 128  pages, Illustrations/Pictures



Poems of Hope [The Salesian Collection]


Pub:   Salesian Missions

1988, Hardcover , 128  pages, Illustrations/Pictures



A Garden of Poems [The Salesian Collection]


Pub:   Salesian Missions

1988, Hardcover , 128  pages, Illustrations/Pictures




Author:   Urin, Len

Pub:   Doubleday

1976, Hardcover , 751  pages,

Summary: Uris is certainly not as good a writer as Pynchon or Barthelme or Nabokov; but he is a better storyteller....[His] novel sprawls, occasionally bores, meanders like a river. But when the story is finished the reader has been to places where he or she has never been before. The news items from Belfast will never seem quite the same again....Uris is writing for the gallery, and he clearly wants everyone to understand what he is saying. It is easy to comb the book for barbarisms or even ludicrous passages....And the [novel] ends in a dying fall, as though the subject had finally exhausted the writer. For all of that, the story has a kind of relentless power, based on the very real tragedy of Ireland, and Uris's achievement is that he has neither cheapened nor trivialized that tragedy.

ISBN: 038503458X $35.00


Opening to God

Author:   Green, Thomas H.

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1982, Paperback , 110  pages,

Summary: Missionary-priest and educator, Father Thomas Green, draws on his cross-cultural experience, his acquaintance with the great spiritual figures of Church history, and his own life as a "pray-er" to instruct on the subject of prayer.

ISBN: 0877931364 $15.00


Realities of Faith

Author:   Schlink, M. Basilea

Pub:   Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

2000, Paperback , 141  pages,

Summary: A handful of young Christian women in the midst of war-torn Germany with a shining faith made all the brighter against the backdrop of a nation in despair, here in the incredible but true story of Mother Basilea Schlink and the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary.

ISBN: 3872096656 $15.00


Lost in Wonder : Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Attentiveness

Author:   De Waal, Esther

Pub:   Liturgical Press

2003, Hardcover , 181  pages,

Summary: Combining monastic, Celtic and desert traditions, this title offers a practical guide to finding God through the everyday circumstances of life. Seemingly small, insignificant things then become windows through which the light of Christ can shine.

ISBN: 081462992X $35.00


The Broken Body: Journey to Wholeness

Author:   Vanier, Jean

Pub:   Paulist Press

1988, Paperback , 145  pages,

Summary: How can we discover the sources of wholeness, healing, and hope amidst a broke and suffering world? Jean Vanier examines the roots of brokenness within the Jewish and Christian traditions and the meaning of the Good News of Jesus for our twentieth-century world.

ISBN: 0809129795 $15.00


Selected Poems

Author:   Danylak, Joan Kikel

Pub:   Poetry Center Press

2001, Paperback , 79  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: "I try to write clearly and simply, so that my poems are easy to read and understand. As a poet, I have found my niche. My poetry serves as a vehicle to express and complete me. Perhaps, gentle reader, after reading these poems, you may want to write a poem of your own. God Bless You." - Joan Kikel Danylak



A Man of Faith

Author:   Arnold, Jeanne Gosselin

Pub:   Family Theater

1983, Paperback , 303  pages, Illustrations/Pictures


ISBN: 0960883606 $15.00


Out of the Ordinary: Prayers, Poems, and Reflections for Every Season

Author:   Rupp, Joyce

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

2000, Paperback , 252  pages,

Summary: Joyce Rupp's characteristic creativity and reverence for the Divine are on full display in this collection of prayer resources for birthdays, holidays, holy days, transitions, and many other occasions, helping readers enter more deeply and reflectively into the liturgical and seasonal celebrations of their lives.

ISBN: 0877939209 $15.00


And God Created Laughter: The Bible as Divine Comedy

Author:   Hyers, Conrad

Pub:   John Know Press

1987, Paperback , 130  pages,

Summary: Recognizing "a playful spirit" as part of our human makeup, Conrad Hyers shows how laughter and humor are integral to our serious study of the Bible. He opens the joy of understanding the Bible in its fullness.

ISBN: 0804216533 $15.00


Touching the Holy: Ordinariness, Self-Esteem and Friendship

Author:   Wicks, Robert J.

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1992, Hardcover , 155  pages,

Summary: Touching the Holy is a simple guide to discovering that God's holy presence is indeed within us. With wit and wisdom, Robert Wicks encourages us to share and receive that presence more openly, especially through the gift of friendship.

ISBN: 0877934916 $35.00


Quiet Places With Jesus: 40 Guided Imagery Meditations for Personal Prayer

Author:   Powers, Isaias

Pub:   Twenty-Third Publications

1986, Paperback , 127  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: Each meditation in this guided-imagery primer begins with a Scripture quotation, and then is followed by a reflection, and finally a poetic invitation to prayer. From the author of Letters From an Understanding Friend.

ISBN: 0896220869 $15.00


People's Companion to the Breviary, Volume 1


Pub:   Psalter Carmelite Monastery

1997, Paperback , 560  pages

ISBN: 1886873097



People's Companion to the Breviary, Volume 2


Pub:   Psalter Carmelite Monastery

1997, Paperback , 551  pages

ISBN: 1886873119 $15.00


Paying Attention to God: Discernment in Prayer

Author:   Barry, William A.

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1990, Paperback , 128  pages,

Summary: Barry opens up the issue of discernment in the church in order to help people bring their actual experience of God to bear not only on their own spiritual lives, but on the whole Christian community.

ISBN: 0877934134 $15.00


Paying Attention to God: Discernment in Prayer

Author:   Barry, William A.

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1990, Paperback , 128  pages,

Summary: Barry opens up the issue of discernment in the church in order to help people bring their actual experience of God to bear not only on their own spiritual lives, but on the whole Christian community.

ISBN: 0877934134 $15.00


RCIA: Renewing the Church As an Initiating Assembly

Author:   Mick, Lawrence E.

Pub:   Liturgical Press

1989, Paperback , 102  pages,

Summary: The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) calls us to radical reform and renewal as a Church. It cannot simply be added on to the customary activities and programs of the parish or take the place of "convert classes."

ISBN: 0814617875 $15.00


Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer

Author:   Rohr, Richard

Pub:   Crossroad Publishing Company

1999, Hardcover , 155  pages,

Summary: Richard Rohr has written this book to help us pray better and see life differently. He teaches us that there are not two worlds - a sacred and a profane. There are two ways of seeing the same world. If we can let go of who we think we are, we can see who we really are. And when we do, we will see the sacred for ourselves.

ISBN: 082451811X $35.00


Things Visible and Invisible: Images in the Spirituality of St. Catherine of Siena

Author:   Cavallini, Giuliana

Pub:   Alba House

1996, Paperback , 155  pages,

Summary: The author of this volume presents sixteen of the images most commonly employed by Catherine in her writings, and she does so by re-creating the events of ordinary life which have been the stimulus for these deeper insights.

ISBN: 0818907339 $15.00


What Is the Point of Being a Christian?

Author:   Radcliffe, Timothy

Pub:   Burns & Oates

2006, Paperback , 224  pages,

Summary: A Christian is pointed towards God, who is the point of everything. If one thinks of religion as just 'useful' then one has reduced it to another consumer product. But if we are pointed to God, this should make a difference to how we live. Christians are usually no better than anyone else, but their lives should be marked by distinctive forms of hope,  happiness and courage. Shot through with humour, friendship and wisdom, the pages of this book outline a manner of living which is at once faithful to the teachings of Jesus and rooted in the tradition of the Church and at the same time responsive to the turbulence of the modern world.

ISBN: 0860123693 $15.00


Original Blessing

Author:   Fox, Matthew

Pub:   Bear & Company

1984, Paperback , 353  pages,

Summary: In this revolutionary work, Fox shows how Christianity once celebrated beauty, compassion, justice, and provided a path of positive knowledge and ecstatic connection with all creation.

ISBN: 0939680076 $15.00


Living Faith

Author:   Carter, Jimmy

Pub:   Crown

1996, Hardcover , 256  pages,

Summary: In this memoir, the 39th U.S. president writes honestly about life's difficulties, his accomplishments, his marriage, and his lifelong commitment to Christian faith and humanitarian action.

ISBN: 0812927362 $35.00


Take Nothing for the Journey: Meditations on Time and Place

Author:   O'shea, Donagh

Pub:   Twenty-Third Publications

1990, Paperback , 129  pages,

Summary: Take Nothing for the Journey is the journal of a retreat master who takes us with him from his priory in Ennismore, Co.Cork, Ireland, and back again after three months of camping to meditate on the meaning of time and place. s

ISBN: 0896224449 $15.00


Experiencing God's Tremendous Love: Entering into Relational Prayer

Author:   Conroy, Maureen

Pub:   Paulist Press

1988, Paperback , 118  pages,

Summary: A deeper personal relationship with God requires not only belief in a loving God, but the experience of that love on a feeling level. This book guides the reader in discovering, entering into, and experiencing God's tremendous love.

ISBN: 0809130173 $15.00


Liturgical Meditations for the Entire Year, Volume 1

Author:   The Sisters of Saint Dominic

Pub:   B. Herder Book Co.

1961, Hardcover , 533  pages



Pocket Aquinas


Pub:   Pocket Books

1960, Paperback , 372  pages

ISBN: 0671601717 $15.00


Pageant of the Popes

Author:   Farrow, John

Pub:   Sheed & Ward

1950, Paperback , 464  pages


The Spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila

Author:   Haneman, Mary Alphonsetta

Pub:   Pauline Books & Media

1983, Paperback , 138  pages,

Summary: In the whirl of daily living, into which most of us find ourselves plunged, who does not feel the invitation to rise above the materialistic drives of society and enter within the enclosed and secret garden in which God Himself lives and dwells?

ISBN: 0819868442 $15.00


Out of Solitude: Three Meditations on the Christian Life

Author:   Nouwen, Henri J. M.

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1974, Paperback , 63  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN: 0877930724 $15.00


The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest

Author:   Gerard, John

Pub:   Pellegrini & Cudahy

1952, Hardcover , 287  pages, Illustrations/Pictures


Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers


Pub:   United States Catholic Conference

1988, Hardcover , 434  pages,

Summary: The newly revised Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers is the perfect resource for parents and children to explore the rich treasury of the Catholic tradition of prayer.

ISBN: 1555862209 $35.00


Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim: A Personal Manual for Prayer and Ritual

Author:   Hays, Edward

Pub:   Forest of Peace Books

1992, Paperback , 292  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: Finally, a truly "catholic" (that is, universal) prayerbook. Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim calls us out of a parochial way of praying and into one that is truly global. It provides us with a pattern for prayer which responds to the compelling challenge of the Spirit to expand our religious boundaries and to embrace ever larger and wider worlds.

ISBN: 0939516101 $15.00


Jung and Christianity: The Challenge of Reconciliation

Author:   Clift, Wallace B.

Pub:   The Crossroad Publishing Company

1996, Paperback , 169  pages,

Summary: Many men and women today are experiencing a crisis of meaninglessness. Religion has traditionally supplied the framework for the individual's quest for meaning, but the institutional church seems unable to perform this function for many twentieth century people.

ISBN: 0824505522 $15.00


100 Fascinating Bible Facts

Author:   Peterson, Randy

Pub:   Publicatons International, Ltd.

2006, Hardcover , 80  pages,

Summary: Amazing information about the history, people, and places of the Bible

ISBN: 1412713951 $35.00


The Gift of Peace: Personal Reflections

Author:   Bernardin, Joseph Cardinal

Pub:   Loyola Press

1997, Hardcover , 153  pages,

Summary: In the final two months of his life, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin made it his mission to share his personal reflections and insights in this book, The Gift of Peace.

ISBN: 0829409556 $35.00


Shepherd of Mankind: A Biography of Pope Paul VI

Author:   Barrett, William E.

Pub:   Doubleday

1964, Hardcover , 288  pages



Feasts of Judaism

Author:   Binz, Stephen J.

Pub:   Twenty-Third Publications

2006, Paperback , 132  pages,

Summary: An appreciation for the feasts of Judaism will help Christians understand modern Judaism and the faith of Jesus. The biblical festivals are celebrations of God's saving actions for all generations.

ISBN: 1585955965 $15.00


What Do I Want in Prayer?

Author:   Barry, William A.

Pub:   Paulist Press

1994, Paperback , 133  pages,

Summary: This series of readings and meditative exercises helps bring one's personal desires explicitly into prayer as a way for greater intimacy with God.

ISBN: 0809134829 $15.00


A Vacation with the Lord

Author:   Green, Thomas H.

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1986, Paperback , 175  pages,

Summary: A Vacation with the Lord was originally presented as an audio cassette album by the Modern Cassette Library (Ave Maria Press, 1985). Because of its immense popularity and in response to numerous requests from listeners, Father Green has written and expanded his presentation into book form.

ISBN: 087793343X



Catholic Q & A: Answers to the Most Common Questions About Catholicism

Author:   Dietzen, John J.

Pub:   The Crossroad Publishing Company

2005, Paperback , 532  pages,

Summary: In this new and updated edition of Catholic Q&A, Fr. John J. Dietzen, a priest for 50 years and "The New Question Box" columnist for Catholic News Service since 1975, responds to his readers' question about the Catholic faith.

ISBN: 0824523091 $15.00


A Retreat With Luke: Stepping Out on the Word of God

Author:   Reid, Barbara E.

Pub:   St. Anthony Messenger Press

2000, Paperback , 118  pages,

Summary: In this seven-day retreat, Stepping Out on the Word of God, your director is Luke the Evangelist, author of the third Gospel. You are invited to "step out on the Word of God," allowing the courage the Good News inspires to carry you throughout the tasks of your life.

ISBN: 0867163321 $15.00


A Call to Prayer: A Season of Harvest

Author:   Butts, David

Pub:   Standard Publishing

1992, Paperback , 111  pages,

Summary: In A Call to Prayer, 8 Christian leaders issue the challenge for every Christian to get "back to basics"! And what could be more basic, for the Christian, than prayer?

ISBN: 0874039991 $15.00


Prayer and Remembrance

Author:   Swenson, Rev. Roger A.

Pub:   Ave Maria Press

1989, Hardcover , 189  pages,

Summary: Prayer and Remembrance is a unique book about prayer as an active, purposeful openness to God through the medium of memory.

ISBN: 0877933960 $35.00


Catholic Doctrine in Scripture: A Guide to the Verses That Are Key to Affirming the Faith

Author:   Oatis, Gregory

Pub:   Coming Home Resources

2003, Paperback , 143  pages,

Summary: A Compendium of Scripture verses, topically arranged and easy to use, which demonstrate the scriptural affirmation of Catholic teachings, predominantly those that Catholics and Protestants traditionally dispute.

ISBN: 0970262140



Choosing the Better Part?: Women in the Gospel of Luke

Author:   Reid, Barbara E.

Pub:   Liturgical Press

1996, Paperback , 245  pages,

Summary: This commentary is proposed as a resource for students of the New Testament, pastors, seminarians, preachers, retreat directors, and Bible study groups.

ISBN: 0814654940 $15.00


Sing a New Song: The Christian Vocation

Author:   Radcliffe, Timothy

Pub:   Templegate Publishers

1999, Paperback , 300  pages

ISBN: 0872432475 $15.00


The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide

Author:   Redfield, James; Carol Adrienne

Pub:   Warner Books

1995, Paperback , 284  pages,

Summary: A companion to The Celestine Prophecy helps readers expand knowledge from the nine Insights, offers explanations and exercises for additional revelations, and fosters personal growth by putting readers in touch with evidence from their own experience.

ISBN: 0446671223 $15.00


Mastering Sadhana: On Retreat With Anthony De Mello

Author:   Valles, Carlos G.

Pub:   Image Books

1988, Paperback , 173  pages,

Summary: Here in essay format are [Anthony De Mello's] teachings on love, suffering, the self and the non-self, change, awareness, role-playing, and more.

ISBN: 0385245815 $15.00


Sadhana, a Way to God: Christian Exercises in Eastern Form

Author:   Anthony de Mello

Pub:   Image Books

1978, Paperback , 140  pages,

Summary: Sadhana, a Way to God is a truly unique book which responds to a real hunger for self-awareness and holistic living.


ISBN: 0385196148



New Seeds of Contemplation

Author:   Merton, Thomas

Pub:   New Directions Publishing Corporation

1961, Paperback , 297  pages,

Summary: New Seeds of Contemplation seeks to reawaken the latent depths of the spirit so long neglected be Western man, to nurture a deeply contemplative and mystical dimension in our spiritual lives.

ISBN: 081120099X $15.00


The Holy Years of Mary

Author:   McLouglin, William A.

Pub:   The John C. Winston Company

1954, Hardcover , 114  pages, Illustrations/Pictures



The Book of Modern Catholic Verse

Author:   Maynard, Theodore

Pub:   Henry Holt and Company

1926, Hardcover , 365  pages



Watch For The Light: Readings For Advent And Christmas

Author:   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich; John Donne; Meister Eckhart; T.S. Eliot; Gerard Manley Hopkins; C.S. Lewis; Thomas Merton; Archbishop Romero; Henri J.M. Nouwen; Philip Yancey

Pub:   Orbis Books

2001, Paperback , 330  pages,

Summary: This unmatched anthology offers wisdom, beauty, and spiritual nourishment from a wide range of classic and contemporary writers.

ISBN: 1570755418 $15.00


Divine Essence (Baraka)

Author:   John-Roger

Pub:   Mandeville Press

2001, Paperback , 164  pages,

Summary: In this book John-Roger goes on to explain the human consciousness, our constant connection to Spirit, and how that manifests in each instant of our lives.

ISBN: 1893020045 $15.00


Prayers and Our Bodies

Author:   Wuellner, Flora Slosson

Pub:   The Upper Room

1990, Paperback , 143  pages,

Summary: Using prayer and meditation, readers are taught to listen for signals being transmitted them from their bodies. If we pay attention, our bodies will recognize our inner stresses and hurts.

ISBN: 0835805689 $15.00


Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit

Author:   Canfield, Jack; Mark Victor Hansen; Patty Aubery; Nancy Mitchell

Pub:   Health Communications Inc.

1997, Paperback , 404  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: Since the first publication of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the authors have been collecting and editing stories for this volume. These stories will intensify readers' Christian faith and expand their awareness of how to practice Christian values in their daily lives.

ISBN: 1558745017 $15.00


The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

Author:   Spencer, Robert

Pub:   Regnery Publishing, Inc.

2005, Hardcover , 270  pages,

Summary: Islam expert Robert Spencer exposes Islam's ongoing quest for worldwide conquest and why the West faces a similar threat the Crusaders did.

ISBN: 0895260131 $35.00


A Little Book of Therese of Lisieux

Author:   Mullan, Don

Pub:   Pauline Books & Media

2002, Paperback , 128  pages,

Summary: A Little Book of Therese of Lisieux captures in a simplistic format the very essence of the Little Flower. The quotations compiled here, from Therese's own writings, sayings and prayers provide a deep insight into the saint's thinking, thus offering the reader food for thought and substance for prayerful reflection.

ISBN: 0819844985 $15.00


God, Father and Creator, Volume 1

Author:   Pope John Paul II

Pub:   Pauline Books & Media

1996, Paperback , 351  pages,

Summary: This is the first of three volumes which deal with the Trinity. John Paul II presents the mystery of God in a new, modern perspective that can meet the existing challenges of atheism and unbelief.

ISBN: 0819830801 $15.00


Called by Name

Author:   Breemen, Peter G. van

Pub:   Dimension Books

1976, Paperback , 277  pages


Nine Faces of God

Author:   Hannan, Peter

Pub:   Columbia Press

1992, Paperback , 308  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: By acknowledging our own experiences, and by reflecting on them in the light of the gospels, Peter Hannan seeks to lead us on a journey of faith towards intimacy and union with the God who, as St. John tells us, is love.

ISBN: 185607059X $15.00


The Precious Present

Author:   Johnson, Spencer

Pub:   Doubleday

1984, Hardcover , 79  pages,

Summary: The Precious Present will capture your heart with a profound message that can help find happiness with yourself forever.

ISBN: 0385192193 $35.00


A Retreat With Our Lady, Dominic & Ignatius: Praying With Our Bodies

Author:   Beckman, Betsey; Nina O'Connor; J. Michael Sparough

Pub:   St. Anthony Messenger Press

1986, Paperback , 186  pages

ISBN: 0867162562 $15.00


English Versions of the Bible

Author:   Pope, Rev. Hugh

Pub:   B. Herder Book /co.

1952, Hardcover , 787  pages