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Religious - June 2010

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The Letters of St. Catherine of Siena: Volume 1


Author:     Catherine

Pub:    Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies. Binghamton, New York

1988, Hardcover , 450  pages,  

Summary: The ecclesial spirituality of Catherine of Siena provides theological principles as relevant today as in her time for dealing with issues of authority in the Church


ISBN: 0866980369



A History of the Dominican Liturgy


Author:     Bonniwell, William

Pub:    Joseph F. Wagner, Inc.

1944, Hardcover , 386  pages,  

Summary: This book is the only history ever completed in English for the liturgical tradition of the Dominican Order. Father Bonniwell covers both the Mass and the Office.




Confidence for the Future: Addresses to Dominicans


Author:     Vincent de Couesnongle

Pub:    Dominican Publications

1982, Paperback , 167  pages,  

Summary: The master General of the Dominican Order here confronts honestly the serious problems facing religious life today.


ISBN: 090727112X



America 1900: The Turning Point


Author:     Crichton, Judy

Pub:    Henry Holts and Company, Inc.

1998, Hardcover , 339  pages,  

Summary: America 1900 is a sweeping narrative that follows an eclectic group of men and women over the course of one pivotal year. As it happened, the issues they were dealing with are surprisingly similar to those their grandchildren and great-grandchildren face in the year 2000. Change had come so fast that there was an almost magical belief in the powers of science and technology.


ISBN: 0805053654



Marking Time: Letters from Jean Harris to Shana Alexander


Author:     Harris, Jean

Pub:    Charles Scribner's Sons: Macmillan Publishing Company

1991, Hardcover , 189  pages,  


ISBN: 0684193671



The FC&A 2003 Yearbook


Author:     Cawood, Frank W.; and Associates

Pub:    FC&A Medical Publishing

2002, Hardcover , 384  pages,  

Summary: Smart, health-conscious people want to know the very latest information on today's hot health topics. But who wants to buy 3, 4 or even 10 books for every health concern you have? Good news! FC&A's 2003 Yearbook has all the latest, proven health solutions for everything More...from allergies to weight control in one big, 399-page, fact-packed volume. It's the must-have, one-stop reference book for people who want to feel better fast!


ISBN: 1890957631



Prayer: The Search for Authenticity


Author:     Hinnebusch, Paul

Pub:    Sheed and Ward, Inc.

1969, Hardcover , 271  pages,  




The Teaching of the Catholic Church: New Catechism of Christian Doctrine


Author:     McCabe, Herbert

Pub:    Catholic Truth Society

1985, Paperback , 49  pages,  


ISBN: 0851836194 $15.00


A History of the Dominican Order: Origins and Growth to 1500: Volume 1


Author:     Hinnebusch, William

Pub:    Alba House

1965, Hardcover , 439  pages,  



Catherine of Siena: Fire and Blood


Author:     Giordani, Igino

Pub:    The Bruce Publishing Company

1959, Hardcover , 234  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN 0920370020 $35.00


Supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours for the Order of Preachers


Author:     Goergen, Donald J.

Pub:    Dominican Liturgical Commission

1991, Paperback , 548  pages,  

Summary: A draft translation of the Proprium Offciorum Ordinis Praedicatorum (1982) for Study and Consultation



Early Dominicans: Selected Writings



Pub:    Paulist Press

1982, Paperback , 508  pages,  

Summary: The spirituality of St. Dominic and his early followers was a dynamic force in thirteenth Europe. In this volume the writings of Dominic's early disciples are presented in a fresh, lively translation by Simon Tugwell, of Blackfriars, Oxford.

ISBN: 0809124149 $15.00


Saint Catherine of Siena


Author:     Curtayne, Alice

Pub:    The Macmillan Company

1929, Hardcover , 268  pages



The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ: Volume 2


Author:     Meschler, Maurice

Pub:    B. Herder Book Co.

1961, Hardcover , 561  pages



Girl with a Pearl Earring


Author:     Chevalier, Tracy

Pub:    HarperCollins Publishers

2000, Paperback , 248  pages,  

Summary: Griet, the young daughter of a tilemaker in 17th century Holland, obtains her first job as a servant in Vermeer's household. She loves being drawn into his artistic life, but the cost to her own survival may be high.

ISBN: 0006513204 $15.00


The Birth of the Messiah : A Commentary on the Infancy Narratives in Matthew and Luke


Author:     Brown, Raymond E.

Pub:    Image Books

1977, Paperback , 594  pages,  

Summary: A commentary on the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke


ISBN: 038505405X



The Prayers of Catherine of Siena



Pub:    Paulist Press

1983, Paperback , 257  pages,  

Summary: Here, for the first time in English is the complete collection of her prayers, edited by Suzanne Noffke and based on the 1978 critical edition of Giuliana Cavallini. Born of Catherine's intimate and loving communication with God, these prayers present a valuable model of authentic prayer.

ISBN: 0809125080 $15.00


The Dominicans


Author:     Ashley, Benedict M.

Pub:    The Liturgical Press

1990, Hardcover , 278  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN: 0814657230 $35.00


Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction


Author:     Boadt, Lawrence

Pub:    Paulist Press

1984, Paperback , 571  pages,  

Summary: Reading the Old Testament is a clear and carefully organized introduction for contemporary readers. It is designed to guide the student of the Bible through the text and its problems, enrich their understanding of the individual biblical books, and explore the way the Bible came to be written

ISBN: 0809126311 $15.00


Interior Castle: St. Teresa of Avila



Pub:    Image Books

1989, Paperback , 235  pages,  

Summary: Teresa was an incredibly gifted teacher whose devotion to the sublimest task--the guidance of others toward spiritual perfection--has resulted in the widespread fame of her writings. Interior Castles deals with the extraordinary richness of the developed interior life.

ISBN: 0385036434 $15.00


Selling All: Commitment, Consecrated Celibacy, and Community in Catholic Religious Life, Volume 2


Author:     Schneiders, Sandra M.

Pub:    Paulist Press

2001, Paperback , 471  pages,  

Summary: Author of New Wineskins, Sandra Schneiders began a brilliant yet controversial examination of modern religious life in her acclaimed book Finding the Treasure. That first title located religious life within the multiple realities of today's postmodern world and post-Vatican II Church. This new volume examines today's post-conciliar, post-modern religious life from the inside, looking at the make-up of religious life's specific identity and how it functions today. She does this through the three lenses of commitment, consecrated celibacy, and community.

ISBN: 0809139731 $15.00


What Are We Hoping For?: New Testament Images


Author:     Harrington, Daniel J.

Pub:    Liturgical Press

2006, Paperback , 126  pages

ISBN: 0814631614 $15.00


Our Human Body: Its Wonders & Its Care


Author:     Reader's Digest

Pub:    The Reader's Association, Inc.

1962, Hardcover , 511  pages


Living in the Question: Meditations in the Style of Lectio Divina


Author:     Pennington, M. Basil

Pub:    Continuum

1999, Hardcover , 153  pages

ISBN: 0826412165 $35.00


Eleven Lady Lyrics and Other Poems


Author:     Chavez, Fray Angelico

Pub:    St. Anthony Guild Press

1945, Hardcover , 96  pages,  

Summary: Second Printing



A Monk In The Inner City: The ABCs of a Spiritual Journey


Author:     Kownacki, Mary Lou

Pub:    Orbis Books

2008, Paperback , 155  pages

ISBN: 9781570757600 $15.00


Spirituality Today: Life in Abundance


Author:     Gieraths, Gundolf M.


1986, Paperback , 100  pages,  

Summary: Autumn 1986, Volume 38


Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life


Author:     Moore, Thomas

Pub:    HarperPerennial

1994, Paperback , 312  pages,  

Summary: A guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life.


ISBN: 0060922249 $15.00


Spiritual Conferences


Author:     Tauler, Johann

Pub:    Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.

1978, Paperback , 283  pages

ISBN: 0895550822 $15.00


I Remember Your Name in the Night: Think About Death


Author:     O'Shea, Donagh

Pub:    Twenty-Third Publications

1997, Paperback , 143  pages,  

Summary: Death in the one experience no one can avoid. It is the one gateway through which every human being must pass. Yet many people treat death as they would an unwelcome guest, someone they do not want to know of entertain. Here Donagh O'Shea guides readers toward discovering how death in a natural progression, an experience that we move toward all our lives.

ISBN: 0896227189 $15.00


Go Down to the Potter's House: A Journey into Meditation


Author:     O'Shea, Donagh

Pub:    Michael Glazier, Inc.

1989, Paperback , 131  pages

ISBN: 0894536389 $15.00


In the Company of Preachers


Author:     Aquinas Institute of Theology

Pub:    The Liturgical Press

1993, Paperback , 227  pages,  

Summary: In the Company of Preachers draws together an entire school of theologians, each reflecting on the Church's ministry of preaching from his or her own particular theological discipline. Written by the faculty of Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, this book offers freshness, challenge, and depth of insight into a renewed theology of preaching that is lacking in the Catholic Church

ISBN: 0814620914 $15.00


Invitation to the New Testament Epistles IV: Commentary on Hebrews, James, I and 2 Peter, 1, 2 and 3 John and Jude, With Complete Text from the Jerusalem Bible


Author:     Danker, Frederick W.

Pub:    Image Books

1980, Paperback , 256  pages,  

Summary: This volume continues a series of commentaries on the books of the Bible, specially designed to answer the need for a lively, contemporary guide to the written Word. Here is the best of contemporary biblical scholarship, together with the world-renowned Jerusalem Bible text. In addition, there are study questions that will provoke and inspire further discussion.

ISBN: 0385147996 $15.00


Invitation to Matthew: Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew with Complete Text from the Jerusalem Bible


Author:     Senior, Donald

Pub:    Image Books

1977, Paperback , 276  pages,  

Summary: This volume continues a series of commentaries specially designed to answer the need for a lively, contemporary guide to the written Word. Here is the best of contemporary biblical scholarship, together with the world-renowned Jerusalem Bible text. In addition, there are study questions that will provoke and inspire further discussion.

ISBN: 038512211X $15.00


Invitation to John: A Commentary on the Gospel of John With Complete Text from the Jerusalem Bible


Author:     MacRae, George W.

Pub:    Image Books

1978, Paperback , 236  pages,  

Summary: This volume continues a series of commentaries specially designed to answer the need for a lively, contemporary guide to the written Word. Here is the best of contemporary biblical scholarship, together with the world-renowned Jerusalem Bible text. In addition, there are study questions that will provoke and inspire further discussion.

ISBN: 0385122128 $15.00


Discovering How to Pray


Author:     MacDonald, Hope

Pub:    Pyranee Books

1976, Paperback , 128  pages

ISBN: 0310285127 $15.00


Novena in Honor of Saint Paul


Author:     Boccia, Linda Salvatore

Pub:    Pauline Books & Media

2003, Paperback , 31  pages

ISBN: 0819851612 $15.00


Catherine of Siena: The Dialogue


Author:     Noffke, Suzanne

Pub:    Paulist Press

1980, Paperback , 398  pages

ISBN: 0809122332 $15.00


Lenten Days Lenten Grace: Forty Days with Jesus


Author:     Chapman, Raymond

Pub:    Pauline Books & Media

2002, Paperback , 143  pages,  

Summary: This daily prayer-companion guides us through Lent using the scriptural images of journeys, mountains, light, nourishment and healing as we consider our spirituality in the "real world."

ISBN: 0819844918 $15.00


Your Daily Life is Your Temple


Author:     Rowthorn, Anne

Pub:    Seabury Books

2006, Paperback , 132  pages,  

Summary: "Your Daily Life is Your Temple will break you out of the spiritual box and challenge your notions of what spirituality is, where you find it, and how you practice it." - Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

ISBN: 1596270225 $15.00


Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina


Author:     Casey, Michael

Pub:    Liguori/Triumph

1996, Paperback , 151  pages,  

Summary: For those seeking to return to the sources of ancient Christian spiritual wisdom, Sacred Reading offers a valuable entry point. This work offers a bold and engaging examination of the Western tradition of lectio divina, the contemplative approach to sacred writings, notably the Bible and the spiritual classics.

ISBN: 0892438916 $15.00


When the Trees Say Nothing: Writings on Nature


Author:     Merton, Thomas

Pub:    Sorin Books

2003, Hardcover , 191  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: Thomas Merton sought spirituality everywhere, from his own monastic practices to Zen meditation to nature itself. This book gathers hundreds of short essays he wrote on the topic of nature and spirituality, arranged by theme, and illustrated with drawings by John Giuliani.

ISBN: 1893732606



Daily We Touch Him: Practical Religious Experiences


Author:     Pennington, M. Basil

Pub:    Image Books

1979, Paperback , 156  pages,  

Summary: Daily We Touch Him is a simple, yet profound book that helps point the way toward making prayer a vital experience: a direct re-creating contact with our ever-present God. In the words of its author, “God is present to us from the very instant that He calls us into being-and thenceforth forever! He touches us at every point and level of our being. He is present to us. But are we present to Him?”

ISBN: 038514802X $15.00


Summa of the Christian Life: Volume 2


Author:     Louis of Granada

Pub:    B. Herder Book Co.

1955, Hardcover , 428  pages



Prayer is a Hunger


Author:     Rev. Farrel, Edward J.

Pub:    Deminsion Books

1972, Hardcover , 128  pages


Healing Wounded Emotions: Overcoming Life's Hurts


Author:     Padovani, Martin H.

Pub:    Twenty-Third Publications

1989, Paperback , 113  pages,  

Summary: You can overcome those hurts that life has dealt you. You can heal your wounded emotions. Let Martin Padovani show you specifically how to do it. How can you better understand and cope with the way you feel about yourself. How to relate to others. How to deal with those who have caused your harm and pain, whether they know it or not.

ISBN: 0896223337



Season With the Savior: Meditations on Mark


Author:     Sims, Edward R.

Pub:    The Seabury Press

1978, Hardcover , 128  pages,  

Summary: "Deceptively simple, profound, and vivid, like the Gospel they illustrate, these meditations should appeal to a braod spectrum of Christians who want to deepen their spirituality by living into the oldest Gospel" - Charles P. Price

ISBN: 0816404135 $35.00


Cross of Death, Tree of Life: A Sacred Reading of the Story of Redemption


Author:     Machar, Jerome

Pub:    Ave Maria Press

1996, Hardcover , 127  pages,  

Summary: "The passion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the story of God's undying love for each and every member of the human family. Having felt this love, I offer this collection of my reflections because the story needs to be told again and again in various ways until the message resounds in the heart of each and every individual." - Jerome Machar

ISBN: 0877935955 $35.00


Biblical Meditations for Ordinary Time: Weeks 1-9


Author:     Stuhlmueller, Carroll

Pub:    Paulist Press

1984, Paperback , 329  pages,  

Summary: Biblical Meditations for Ordinary Time, like the three previous books in the series of Biblical Meditations, is not a substitute for prayer nor does it supply a mini-homily. The intention is to prompt the reader to stop and abide in God's presence, to leave him/her meditatively, peacefully, in God's presence, enriched and strengthened for appreciating God's companionship.

ISBN: 0809126443 $15.00


Understanding the Human Jesus: A Journey in Scripture and Imagination


Author:     Canale, Andrew

Pub:    Paulist Press

1985, Paperback , 204  pages,  

Summary: "This is as good a one-volume study of Jesus the man and Jesus' teachings as I know of… and be a writer who isn't afraid to confess his impassioned devotion to him" - John Sanford

ISBN: 0809126540 $15.00


Heritage: Civilization and the Jews


Author:     Eban, Abba

Pub:    Summit Books

1984, Hardcover , 355  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: "The Jewish people constitute only a fraction of the human family, yet we cannot recount the history of civilization without coming face to face with what the Jews have thought and felt and written and done. This is the story of a small people with a large place in the destiny of mankind." - Abba Eban

ISBN: 0671441035 $35.00


Reweaving Religious Life: Beyond the Liberal Model


Author:     Leddy, Mary Jo

Pub:    Twenty-Third Publications

1990, Paperback , 181  pages,  

Summary: This is a book of great range and vision as well as concrete practical wisdom… It is a much needed book for our time, especially for those communities of men and women who, having gone through the struggles of renewal, are willing to ask questions about and open themselves to more radical reform. - John Kavanaugh

ISBN: 0896224406 $15.00


Hope Begins Where Hope Begins


Author:     Downey, Michael

Pub:    Orbis Books

1998, Hardcover , 126  pages,  

Summary: In our chaotic world, we need people who cry out with hope. That is what Michael Downey does in a gentle way through telling stories, stories that touch the heart, stories that we can identify with. In these stories we find the presence of our God of hope. - Jean Vanier


ISBN: 1570751854



More Civil War Curiosities: Fascinating Tales, Infamous Characters, and Strange Coincidences


Author:     Garrison, Webb

Pub:    Rutledhe Hill Press

1995, Paperback , 256  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: More Civil War Curiosities contains strange but true stories from the four-year conflict that raged across a one-thousand-mile battle front with more than three million men in uniform. Anything could and often did happen. Webb Garrison recounts instances of friendly fire casualties, the unperfected art of spying, banishments, and deportings, grisly tales of missing limbs, name changes for both people and ships, disguises that worked (and some that did not), and many "firsts" and "lasts."

ISBN: 1558533664 $15.00


The God Who Won't Let Go


Author:     Breeman, Peter van

Pub:    Ave Maria Press

2006, Paperback , 158  pages,  

Summary: In this beautifully written, personal exploration, van Breemen enters the depths of forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and resurrection. A book written for our age, its message it timeless: there is absolutely nothing that can sever us from the love of God.

ISBN: 087793746X $15.00


Therese: The Saint Who Loved Us: A Personal View


Author:     Cavanaugh, Arthur

Pub:    Paulist Press

2003, Hardcover , 146  pages

ISBN: 0809105705 $35.00


Gospel Spirituality


Author:     Chevignard, B.M.

Pub:    Sheed and Ward, Inc.

1958, Hardcover , 183  pages


The Enneagram : A Journey of Self Discovery


Author:     Beesing, Maria; Robert J. Nogosek; Patrick H. O'Leary

Pub:    Deminsion Books

1984, Paperback , 223  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN: 0871932148 $15.00


Landscapes of the Soul


Author:     Hamma, Robert M.

Pub:    Ave Maria Press

1999, Paperback , 159  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: Readers will find that they suddenly see with new eyes the places-past and present-that have shaped their spiritual journeys. At the same time, they will recognize these places as doorways into the presence of God.

ISBN: 0877936722 $15.00


Before Dallas: The U.S. Bishops' Response to Clergy Sexual Abuse of Children


Author:     Cafardi, Nicholas P.

Pub:    Paulist Press

2008, Hardcover , 255  pages,  

Summary: The sex abuse crisis did not erupt full-blown without warning-and Nick Cafardi tells us why. In this important book, Professor Cafardi traces the legal lapses of America's bishops that allowed the scandal to fester. Better yet, he offers thoughtful remedies so that the church can heal and its victims find peace. - Bill Burleigh

ISBN: 0809105802



Catechism of the Catholic Church



Pub:    Pauline Books & Media

1994, Hardcover , 803  pages

ISBN: 0819815195 $35.00


Catechism of the Catholic Church



Pub:    Pauline Books & Media

1994, Paperback, 803  pages

ISBN: 0819815195 $15.00


Mary & The Power of God's Love


Author:     Kaczmarek, Louis

Pub:    Trinity Communications

1988, Paperback , 154  pages,  

Summary: Louis Kaczmarek has done it again. In this sequel to his best selling The Wonders She Performs, Louis makes a powerful statement of Mary's importance in our lives, while at the same time revealing her role in his life-the life of one of the foremost apostles of Our Lady in the world today.

ISBN: 0937496298 $15.00


Your Sorrow Is My Sorrow: Hope and Strength in Times of Suffering


Author:     Rupp, Joyce

Pub:    The Crossroad Publishing Company

1999, Paperback , 181  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: The best selling author of The Cup of Our Life relates the Seven Sorrows of Mary to our own sufferings, and opens for us a vast reservoir of courage, strength, and wisdom. Her book is about us. And it offers us compassion, comfort, and healing.

ISBN: 0824515668 $15.00


Holding Heaven: A Novella


Author:     Jenkins, Jerry B.

Pub:    Integrity Publishers

2005, Hardcover , 72  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: As master storyteller Jerry Jenkins and master artist Ron DiCianni transport us to the hardscrabble Middle East of the first century, you'll eavesdrop on conversations and scenes so profound that they may forever change how you view the Incarnation. Expect Holding Heaven to stir your soul with each turn of its endearing pages.

ISBN: 159145218X $35.00


Therese of Lisieux: A Biography


Author:     O'Connor, Patricia

Pub:    Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.

1983, Paperback , 173  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: Born in France in 1873, Therese of Lisieux has become one of the most popular saints of the 20th century. In this carefully researched biography, Therese is presented as a lively, stubborn, and obedient woman with a sense of humor and a conventional and appealing spirituality. For people seeking to make their faith a living, breathing part of their lives, this candid portrait will be an inspiration.

ISBN: 0879736070 $15.00


World Religions: Beliefs Behind Today's Headlines


Author:     Catoir, John T.

Pub:    Alba House

2003, Paperback , 132  pages

ISBN: 0818906405 $15.00


The Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom


Author:     Delany, Sarah; Delany, A. Elizabeth; Hearth, Amy Hill

Pub:    Kodansha International

1994, Hardcover , 133  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN: 1568360428 $15.00


Unsolved Miracles


Author:     Diest, John Van

Pub:    Multnomah Publishers

1997, Paperback , 252  pages,  

Summary: Miracles of the Bible are one thing. After all, examples of Scriptural wonders abound in both the Old and New Testament. But can a reasonable, educated person, even a God-fearing one, believe in miraculous events of today? Read this book. See the evidence. Discover wonder and inspiration in story after story of unexplained, modern-day phenomena.

ISBN: 1576731502 $15.00


The Third Door: An Autobiography of an American Negro Woman


Author:     Tarry, Ellen

Pub:    Staples Press Limited

1956, Hardcover , 286  pages


John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father


Author:     Noonan, Peggy

Pub:    Penguin Group

2005, Hardcover , 238  pages,  

Summary: Written with heart and depth, John Paul the Great is a meditation that is by turns informed and ardent, strongly passionate and steeped in history, and above all, deeply felt and deeply moving. It is a brilliant celebration of a man whose life teaches us perhaps the greatest lesson of all: how to live.

ISBN: 0670037486 $35.00


Proclaim Jubilee!: A Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century


Author:     Harris, Maria

Pub:    Westminster John Know Press

1996, Paperback , 128  pages,  

Summary: Harris' way of studying scripture is exactly how it ought to be done… Without any heavy theory of inspiration, she responds to scripture as though it is a live, revelatory voice that illumines our present and generates futures for us… This book has a way of making the most ordinary assumptions we hold seem astonishing. And what we might at first think astonishing becomes ordinary, when read through a Jubilee lens. - Walter Brueggemann

ISBN: 0664256619 $15.00


A Risen Christ in Eastertime: Essays on the Gospel Narratives of the Resurrection


Author:     Brown, Raymond E.

Pub:    The Liturgical Press

1991, Paperback , 95  pages,  

Summary: In his Liturgical Press books for Advent, Christmas, and Lent, Raymond E. Brown has made the rich insights of modern biblical exegesis conveniently available for reflection during the great feats of the liturgical year. Here he does the same for the Easter season be commenting on the Gospel stories of the risen Christ.

ISBN: 0814620140 $15.00


A Retreat with Catherine of Siena: Living the Truth in Love


Author:     Dreyer, Elizabeth A.

Pub:    St. Anthony Messenger Press

1999, Paperback , 114  pages,  

Summary: In this seven-day retreat, Living the Truth in Love, your director is Catherine of Siena, the fourteenth-century Italian laywoman with the strong will and staunch commitment to carry out what she thought was God directing her to do. Catherine, declared Doctor of the Church in 1970, clung to the truth, lived by the truth and sought after the truth throughout her life. With her we will meet the God whom she called "Gentle Truth," struggle with the sin and glory of our own truth and ponder the fruits of truth, discernment, freedom, and wisdom.

ISBN: 0867163038 $15.00


Behold the Women


Author:     Paulos, Daniel Thomas

Pub:    St. Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art

1997, Hardcover , 187  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: If we look back upon the nineteen centuries of Christianity, with all their heroes, kings, and saints, we shall find it difficult to list many men who came so close to Christian perfection as did the nuns. Their lives of quiet devotion and cheerful ministration have made generations blessed. When all the sins of history are weighed in the balance, the virtues of these women will tip the scale against them, and redeem our race. - Will Durant

ISBN: 0962790044 $35.00


Dante's Divine Comedy: 15th - Century Manuscript


Author:     Alighieri, Dante

Pub:    Crescent Books

1979, Hardcover , 123  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: The Divine Comedy is one of the purest treasures of the heritage of mankind. This extraordinary poem, which has enjoyed the same kind of lasting and universal fame as the works of Homer and Shakespeare, consists of three parts, Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, each of which is equally known.

ISBN: 0517282879 $35.00


The Glorious Impossible


Author:     L'Engle, Madeleine

Pub:    Simon & Schuster Inc.

1990, Hardcover , 34  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: With a simple clarity that portrays the life of Christ for young readers, Madeline L'Engle gives eloquent voice to the miracle of God's love. A compellingly written narrative, inspired and illuminated by Giotto's glorious frescoes from the Scrovegni chapel in Padua. Full color throughout, with gold washed edges.

ISBN: 0671686909 $35.00


Our American Catholic Heritage


Author:     Nevins, Albert J.

Pub:    Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.

1973, Hardcover , 383  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN: 0879738782 $35.00


God First Loved Us: The Challenge of Accepting Unconditional Love


Author:     Campbell, Antony F.

Pub:    Paulist Press

2000, Paperback , 112  pages,  

Summary: God First Loved Us begins with the premise the most believers have never taken the notion of God's unconditional love seriously. Our prayers and even our public worship are riddles with notions about begging God's mercy, as if someone who passionately loved us really needs to be begged.

ISBN: 0809139774 $15.00


Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God


Author:     Rilke, Rainer Maria

Pub:    The Berkley Publishing Group

1996, Paperback , 166  pages,  

Summary: While visiting Russia in his twenties, Rainer Maria Rilke was moved by the monastic practice of following a book of hours: a collection of psalms and prayers offered throughout the day. When Rilke returned to Germany, he put down on paper what he felt were spontaneously received prayers. The poems address many urgent concerns, such as spirituality in the face of the decline of organized religion, and the sufferings of war, poverty, and disease.

ISBN: 1573220337 $15.00


Following the Way: Jesus Our Spiritual Director


Author:     Collins, Gerald O'

Pub:    Paulist Press

2001, Paperback , 180  pages,  

Summary: The power of Jesus' parables challenges us. His stories call for our wholehearted response.

ISBN: 0809139847 $15.00


Permaculture: Finding our own Vines and Fig Trees


Author:     Coston, Carol

Pub:    Sor Juana Press

2003, Paperback , 104  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN: 0974024317 $15.00


Author:     Rugged, Walter

Pub:    Fortress Press

1983, Paperback , 127  pages,  

Summary: Here is a book for all Christians who seek the basis for a more authentic life and an improved society. Noted Old Testament teacher Walter Brueggemann finds in the Prophets, and later in Jesus, the characteristic of prophetic imagination. He presents this trait as a model for present-day Christians to imitate.

ISBN: 0800613376 $15.00


The Way of Humility (Monastic Wisdom Series: Number Eleven)


Author:     Louf, André

Pub:    Cistercian Publications

2007, Paperback , 53  pages,  

Summary: André Louf's probing essay on the nature of humility revisions this fundamental Christian virtue away from the misunderstandings of both the scholastic tradition and its modern counterparts to locate humility in the ancient sources of the monastic tradition. His incisive study prefaces a collection of primary texts which range from the early desert fathers to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. The translator has added further information about the author and his other writings as well as a bibliography for further reading.

ISBN: 9780879070113 $15.00


Embraced by the Light


Author:     Eadie, Betty J.

Pub:    Gold Leaf Press

1992, Hardcover , 147  pages,  

Summary: There is a great secret contained in Embraced By the Light… It is something that the great prophets and spiritual leaders have tried to tell us for thousands of years. Betty Eadie learned it by nearly dying. It has the power to change your life. - Melvin Morse

ISBN: 1882723007 $35.00


May I Have This Dance?


Author:     Rupp, Joyce

Pub:    Ave Maria Press

1993, Paperback , 182  pages,  

Summary: Readers will find here a unique invitation to join with God in the dance of life, an invitation to experience God in the daily and seasonal rhythms of life.

ISBN: 0877934800 $15.00


In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women's Development


Author:     Gilligan, Carol

Pub:    Harvard University Press

1983, Paperback , 184  pages,  

Summary: How likely is it that a single book could change the rules of psychology, change the assumptions of medical research, change the conversation among parents and teachers and developmental professionals about the distinctions between men and women, boys and girls? Yet many who read Carol Gilligan's book 'In a Different Voice'...find that their views on gender will never be the same....Gilligan's work has changed the voice of psychology.

ISBN: 0674445449 $15.00


Pseudo Dionysius: The Complete Works (Classics of Western Spirituality)


Author:     Froehlich, Karlfried

Pub:    Paulist Press

1987, Paperback , 314  pages

ISBN: 0809128381 $15.00


Everyday Mysticism: Cherishing the Holy


Author:     Ciorra, Anthony J.

Pub:    The Crossroad Publishing Company

1995, Paperback , 192  pages,  

Summary: Anthony Ciorra invites us to find holiness in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. He suggests ways of communicating with God and growing while working, taking care of children, going to school, and riding a bus. "Sanctity," he writes, "is not found in getting away from it all but rather in the midst of it all, frequently in unexpected places.

ISBN: 0824514831 $15.00


Only One Set of Footprints: An Inspirational Autobiography


Author:     Koenig, Rosemary


1985, Paperback , 118  pages,  

Summary: "As a single parent, I had lost the man I loved and married, but found the greater, all consuming love of my Heavenly Father. As a survivor in my empty nest, God led me to people who needed His love. He then inspired me to open and move in to the Shelter of God's Love, a home for His handicapped." - Rosemary Koenig 



Good dog. Stay.


Author:     Quindlen, Anna

Pub:    Random House

2007, Hardcover , 82  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: The Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anna Quindlen reflects on the life of her pet Labrador, and shares the many lessons she has learned from her prized pooch.

ISBN: 9781400067138 $35.00


Models of Faith : Biblical Spirituality for Our Time


Author:     Valles, Carlos G.

Pub:    Loyola University Press

1990, Hardcover , 175  pages

ISBN: 0829407073 $35.00


Whole Community Catechesis in Plain English


Author:     Huebsch, Bill

Pub:    Twenty-Third Publications

2002, Paperback , 112  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: In Whole Community Catechesis in Plain English, Bill Huebsch offers concrete suggestions for a step-by-step process (the nuts-and-bolts) for implementing this catechetical model: linking liturgy and catechesis, making Christ the center of the catechesis, focusing on the household, organizing assemblies, and more. The appendices provide sample handouts, outlines for prayer and meetings, and organizational tools.

ISBN: 1585951846



Lead, Radiant Spirit: Our Gospel Quest


Author:     Navone, John

Pub:    The Liturgical Press

2001, Paperback , 128  pages,  

Summary: "Father Navone convincingly demonstrates the power of the Gospels to form us and transform us. Lead, Radiant Spirit takes familiar words and images of the Gospels and makes them freshly challenging and full of new hope." - Rev. Louis J. Cameli

ISBN: 0814625940 $15.00


Heaven in Stone and Glass


Author:     Barron, Robert

Pub:    The Crossroad Publishing Company

2000, Hardcover , 126  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: According to Barron, the great cathedrals are like books that can be read. In Heave in Stone and Glass, Robert Barron takes readers on a spiritual pilgrimage through the greatest marvels of the Christian world.

ISBN: 0824518632 $35.00


Moving in the Spirit: Becoming a Contemplative in Action


Author:     Hauser, Richard J

Pub:    Paulist Press

1986, Paperback , 102  pages,  

Summary: Moving in the Spirit is a practical manual for recognizing and responding to the Spirit in daily life. It is intended for all who seek deeper union with God through daily fidelity to loving and serving God's people.

ISBN: 0809127903 $15.00


Realities of Faith


Author:     Schlink, M. Basilea

Pub:    Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

2000, Paperback , 141  pages,  

Summary: A handful of young Christian women in the midst of war-torn Germany with a shining faith made all the brighter against the backdrop of a nation in despair, here in the incredible but true story of Mother Basilea Schlink and the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary.

ISBN: 3872096656 $15.00


Questions and Answers


Author:     Pope Benedict XVI

Pub:    Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.

2008, Hardcover , 175  pages,  

Summary: Discover the Pope's insightful, personable, and refreshingly accessible responses to the questions we all want to ask.

ISBN: 9781592764396 $35.00


Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit


Author:     Wills, Garry

Pub:    Image Books

2000, Paperback , 326  pages,  

Summary: The more advances in the social and physical sciences, the more the Catholic Church has to seemingly back pedal to maintain the stringency of its tradition. Wills's book, Paral Sin, is an exploration of this phenomenon, a look at the deceit that underlies the piety of one of the largest world religions.

ISBN: 0385494114 $15.00


Celebrate 2000: A Three Year Reader Reflections on Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father


Author:     Pope John Paul II

Pub:    Servant Publications

1996, Hardcover , 272  pages,  

Summary: Selections from the writings of Pope John Paul II on Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father.

ISBN: 0892839562 $35.00


Jesus, the Apostles and the Early Church


Author:     Pope Benedict XVI

Pub:    Ignatius Press

2007, Hardcover , 163  pages,  

Summary: Jesus, the Apostles and the Early Church is a fascinating journey back to the origins of Christianity. It reveals how Jesus' earliest disciples faithfully conveyed the truth about the "Jesus of history" and how they laid the foundations for the Church, through whom people today can know the same Jesus.

ISBN: 9781586172206



Jesus of Nazareth


Author:     Pope Benedict XVI

Pub:    Doubleday Religion

2007, Hardcover , 374  pages,  

Summary: In Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict XVI tells us that his study of Jesus has had a "long gestation," and that he is publishing the first part of it because he is concerned that the many representations and misrepresentations of Jesus’ life stand in the way of our truly understanding him.

ISBN: 9780385523417 $35.00


The Beatitudes: Soundings in Christian Traditions


Author:     Tugwell, Simon

Pub:    Templegate Publishers

1980, Hardcover , 180  pages

ISBN: 0872430987 $35.00


People's Companion to the Breviary: Volume 1



Pub:    Psalter Carmelite Monastery

1997, Paperback , 560  pages

ISBN: 1886873097 $15.00


A New Look at Grace: A Spirituality of Wholeness


Author:     Huebsch, Bill

Pub:    Twenty-Third Publications

1998, Paperback , 151  pages,  

Summary: "The author takes a new look at what it means to share God's life as Christians, as he 'pushes, prods, and plays with the events and behavior of everyday life until they become transparent conveyors of grace.' This is a wonderful refresher course for those who need to sharpen their vision of the Spirit at work in the ordinary"  - Carolyn Osiek

ISBN: 0896223558 $15.00


Signs of the Times: Understanding the Church Since Vatican II


Author:     Gilsdorf, Richard W.

Pub:    Star of the Bay Press

2008, Paperback , 542  pages,  

Summary: "This book is a treasure. It preserves the crucial work of an exemplary pastor who courageously and with charity defended the Faith against those who distorted and hijacked Vatican II. Fr. Gilsdorf provides here a goldmine of insight into problems of the 60s and the following decades, which I predict will have its greatest impact in the coming years." - Dr. Charles E. Rice

ISBN: 9780615219615 $15.00


Against an Infinite Horizon: The Finger of God in Our Everyday Lives


Author:     Rolheiser, Ronald

Pub:    The Crossroad Publishing Company

2001, Paperback , 237  pages,  

Summary: Filled with personal anecdotes, healing wisdom, and fresh reflections on scripture, Against an Infinite Horizon, one of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser’s most beloved books, leads us to a deeper experience of the beauty and poetry of Christian spirituality.

ISBN: 0824519655 $15.00


Silence On Fire: The Prayer of Awareness


Author:     Shannon, William H.

Pub:    The Crossroad Publishing Company

1994, Paperback , 168  pages,  

Summary: The inspiring sequel to Seeking the Face of God, "one of the best books on prayer to be published in years!"--Sojourners. "Recommended both for those just learning to pray and for those who are deepening an already active prayer life.

ISBN: 0824512111 $15.00


People's Companion to the Breviary: Volume 2



Pub:    Carmelites of Indianapolis

1997, Paperback , 551  pages

ISBN: 1886873119 $15.00


The Positive Power of Jesus Christ


Author:     Peale, Norman Vincent

Pub:    Tyndale House

1981, Paperback , 266  pages,  

Summary: Peale's strong, clear, and loving witness to his faith in Jesus. He also relates true stories about others who have experienced the positive power of Jesus Christ.

ISBN: 0842348743 $15.00


Catholicism at the Crossroads: How the Laity Can Save the Church


Author:     Lakeland, Paul

Pub:    Continuum

2007, Paperback , 164  pages,  

Summary: Try to define a layperson without using the word not: cannot preach or say Mass, is not in a leadership position in the church. The Second Vatican Council, with its emphasis on the priesthood of all believers rooted in baptism, changed all that. Yet, writes Paul Lakeland, "many of our bishops and not a few of the lay members of the church are attracted to a dangerously incomplete vision of that sidesteps the major themes and key insights of Vatican II."

ISBN: 9780826428103 $15.00


A New Vision of Reality : Western Science, Eastern Mysticism and Christian Faith


Author:     Griffiths, Bede

Pub:    Templegate Publishers

1989, Paperback , 304  pages,  

Summary: In exploring "the divine mystery behind human life" Griffiths seeks to discover the basic unity which underlies all religion and discusses the concept of the Cosmic Person or Cosmic Lord as revealed in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

ISBN: 0872431800 $15.00


New Wineskins: Re-Imagining Religious Life Today


Author:     Schneiders, Sandra Marie

Pub:    Paulist Press

1986, Paperback , 309  pages

ISBN: 0809127652 $15.00


Life of The Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World


Author:     Nouwen, Henri J.M.

Pub:    The Crossroad Publishing Company

1993, Hardcover , 119  pages

ISBN: 0824511840 $35.00


The Song of the Bird


Author:     De Mello, Anthony

Pub:    Doubleday Religion

1982, Paperback , 172  pages,  

Summary: Included in this book are 124 stories from a variety of traditions, both ancient and modern. Each story is a life lesson that teaches truths about ourselves and our world.

ISBN: 0385196156 $15.00


Saint Augustine Confessions


Author: Saint Augustine     

Pub:    Penguin Books

1962, Paperback , 346  pages


In the Land of the Grasshopper Song: Two Women in the Klamath River Indian Country in 1908-09


Author:     Arnold, Mary Ellicott; Mabel Reed

Pub:    Bison Books

1980, Paperback , 313  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: In 1908 two young women, the authors of this book, accepted Indian Service appointments as field matrons for the Karok Indians in the Klamath and Salmon River country of northern California.

ISBN: 0803267037 $15.00


Two from Galilee: A Love Story


Author:     Holmes, Majorie

Pub:    Guidepost Associates

1972, Hardcover , 223  pages


The Nature of Water and Air


Author:     McBride, Regina

Pub:    Simon & Schuster Inc.

2001, Paperback , 320  pages,  

Summary: Clodagh's mother, Agatha, is reputed to be a selkie, a seal who leaves her home in the sea to mate with a human. When her husband, Clodagh's father, dies, Agatha slowly loses her grip on the real world, and as Clodagh watches helplessly, she walks into the sea and disappears. Later, as an adult, Clodagh discovers that there is a more ordinary truth to her mother's madness, and her strange death.

ISBN: 0743203232 $15.00


The Catholic Myth: The Behavior and Beliefs of American Catholics


Author:     Greeley, Andrew M.

Pub:    Collier Books

1990, Paperback , 322  pages

ISBN: 0020852010 $15.00


Start Digging


Author:     Herr, Dan

Pub:    The Thomas Moore Press

1987, Hardcover , 198  pages

ISBN: 088347204X $35.00


Living the Vision: Religious Vows in an Age of Change


Author:     Fiand, Barbara

Pub:    The Crossroad Publishing Company

1990, Paperback , 169  pages,  

Summary: This is an excellent contemporary study of traditional religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The book is not, however, useful only to Roman Catholic religious: its grounding of holistic spirituality in Scripture and mystical theology leads to profound speculations on spiritual life that can aid those not subject to, or observing, the vows.

ISBN: 0824510194 $15.00


Hungry Planet: What the World Eats


Author:     Menzel, Peter; Faith D'Aluisio

Pub:    Material World

2005, Hardcover , 287  pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary: Traveling to 24 countries, from Greenland, Chad, and Japan to Germany, Guatemala, and the United States, Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio photographed 30 families accompanied by a careful display of a week's worth of food. Chronicling the enormous differences in eating habits between industrial and developing countries, each section includes a family portrait, along with their groceries, and a listing of how much was spent in each food group. In the tradition of Material World, this timely, fascinating photography book illustrates not only the growth of fast food consumption worldwide, but also the transformation of diets across the planet. Accompanied by crisp, full-color photographs.

ISBN: 1580086810 $35.00


The Impact of God: Soundings from St. John of The Cross


Author:     Matthew, Iain

Pub:    Hodder & Stoughton

1995, Paperback , 174  pages,  

Summary: As a monk in 16th-century Spain, the life St. John of The Cross was one of suffering and imprisonment, but also of great joy. His poetry and prose tackle questions of faith with humility and wisdom, and this text examines John's spirituality, finding an echo of Christ throughout his life.

ISBN: 0340612576 $15.00


Purgatory: Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints


Author:     Schouppe, F.X.

Pub:    Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.

1983, Paperback , 427  pages,  

Summary: Purgatory Explained is a book which goes to the very heart of the Faith and should be read by every Catholic, by everyone who has deceased relatives or friends, by everyone who has sins to make up for, and by everyone who wants to make a spiritual investment that will return to him a hundredfold.

ISBN: 0895553015 $15.00


Illuminata: A Return to Prayer


Author:     Williamson, Marianne

Pub:    Riverhead Books

1994, Paperback , 300  pages,  

Summary: The best-selling author of A Return to Love presents a compilation of contemporary prayers and meditations for people of all faiths, covering such topics as business, friendship, reconciliation, and anger.

ISBN: 1573225207 $15.00


The Mystery of Jesus: Volume 1


Author:     Bernard, Pierre R.

Pub:    Alba House

1967, Hardcover , 507  pages



The Mystery of Jesus: Volume 2


Author:     Bernard, Pierre R.

Pub:    Alba House

1967, Hardcover , 544  pages