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Miscellaneous - June 2010

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Ourselves, Growing Older: Women Aging with Knowledge and Power

Author:   Doress, Paula Brown; Diana Laskin Siegal

Pub:   Simon and Schuster

1987, Paperback , 511 pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary:  "Ourselves, Growing Older is the complete health and living handbook for midlife and older women."

ISBN: 0671644246 $15.00


Robert Frost: Selected Poems

Author:   Frost, Robert

Pub:   Gramercy Books

2001, Hardcover , 224 pages, 

Summary:  John F. Kennedy said of Robert Frost: "He has bequeathed his nation a body of imperishable verse from which Americans will forever gain joy and understanding." A four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, Frost created a new poetic language that has a deep and timeless resonance. In addition to Robert Frost's first three books, this collection includes eighteen early poems that did not appear in his eleven books of poetry and have rarely been reprinted. Some of these express the idealism of youth inspired by heroic figures of the past. Others are love poems to Elinor White, whom he married in 1895.

ISBN: 0517072459 $35.00



Author:   Michener, James A.

Pub:   Random House

1974, Hardcover , 909 pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary:  A dramatic panorama of the West, Centennial is a gripping celebration of our country; brimming with the glory of the American past that only bestselling author James Michener could bring to dazzling life.

ISBN: 039447970X $35.00


The Sunflower

Author:   Evans, Richard Paul

Pub:   Simon & Schuster

2007, Paperback , 334 pages

ISBN: 0743287029 $15.00


Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems

Author:   Gottlieb, Bill

Pub:   Rodale Books

2000, Hardcover , 716 pages, 

Summary:  Alternative Cures is a valuable resource of alternative and integrated medicines, a great mixture of therapies from excellent expert clinicians makes it an essential book for your health library - Elson M. Haas M.D.

ISBN: 1579540589 $35.00


Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences

Author:   Florey, Kitty Burns

Pub:   Melville House

2006, Hardcover , 155 pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary:  In its heyday, sentence diagramming was tremendously popular in grammar schools across the country. Kitty Burns Florey learned the method in sixth grade from Sister Bernadette: "It was a bit like art, a bit like mathematics. It was a picture of language. I was hooked." Now, in this innovative history, Florey explores the sentence-diagramming phenomenon, including its modest roots at the Brooklyn Polytechnic, its "balloon diagram" predecessor, and what diagrams of famous writers' sentences reveal about them.

ISBN: 9781933633107 $35.00


A Short History of Painting, from Cave Art to Jackson Pollock

Author:   Deuchler, Florens

Pub:   Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

1968, Hardcover , 167 pages, Illustrations/Pictures



Family Guide to Natural Medicine

Author:   Reader's Digest

Pub:   Readers Digest

1993, Hardcover , 416 pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary:  An examination of natural and alternative therapies offers clear explanations and evaluations of more than one hundred ancient and contemporary remedies and discusses how emotions influence health, at-home treatments, and the role of exercise and nutrition.

ISBN: 089577433X



The Doctor's Book of Food Remedies: The Newest Discoveries in the Power of Food to Cure and Preve

Author:   Yeager, Selene

Pub:   Rodale Inc.

1998, Hardcover , 610 pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary:  This book has the latest discoveries in the power of food to cure and prevent health problems from aging and diabetes to ulcers and yeast infections. Also contains hundreds of tips to boost immunity, fight fatigue, ease arthritis and protect your heart.

ISBN: 1579541100 $35.00


War and Remembrance, Volume 1

Author:   Wouk Herman

Pub:   Little, Brown and Company

1978, Hardcover , 494 pages



War and Remembrance, Volume 2

Author:   Wouk Herman

Pub:   Little, Brown and Company

1978, Hardcover , 1002 pages 



The Music Makers

Author:   Thompson, E.V.

Pub:   Britain Books

1983, Paperback , 445 pages, 

Summary:  Set in Ireland during the famine years, Liam MacCabe turns his hand to politics to offer his countrymen the hope they need to survive the failure of the potato crop.

ISBN: 0330262769 $15.00


Self Improvement

Author:   Allers, Rudolf

Pub:   Roman Catholic Books

2006, Hardcover , 255 pages

ISBN: 0912141654 $35.00


Backpacking: One Step at a Time

Author:   Manning, Harvey

Pub:   Vintage Books

1980, Paperback , 414 pages, Illustrations/Pictures

ISBN: 0394742907 $15.00


Legends 2 : Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy

Author:   Goodkind, Terry; George R. R. Martin; Anne McCaffrey

Pub:   Tor Books

1999, Paperback , 379 pages

ISBN: 0812575237 $15.00


Shroud for a Nightingale

Author:   James, P.D.

Pub:   Scribner Paperback Fiction

2001, Paperback , 363 pages, 

Summary:  The young women of Nightingale House are there to learn to nurse and comfort the suffering. But when one of the students plays patient in a demonstration of nursing skills, she is horribly, brutally killed. Another student dies equally mysteriously, and it is up to Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland Yard to unmask a killer who has decided to prescribe murder as the cure for all ills.

ISBN: 0743219600 $15.00


Kavanagh: A Tale

Author:   Longfellow, Henry W.

Pub:   College & University

1965, Hardcover , 125 pages, 

Summary:  Kavanagh, written more than one hundred years ago, is the last of Longfellow's excursions into long prose fiction.



To Catch a King

Author:   Patterson, Harry

Pub:   Stein and Day

1979, Hardcover , 183 pages



The Bourne Identity

Author:   Ludlum, Robert

Pub:   Richard Marek Publishers

1980, Hardcover , 508 pages

ISBN: 0399900705 $35.00


The Cycles of American History

Author:   Schlesinger, Arthur Meier

Pub:   Houghton Mifflin Company

1986, Hardcover , 498 pages, 

Summary:  American history is a tapestry of anguish and dream. In our own times Americans have lived through two world wars, isolation and empire, limited war and cold war, prosperity, depression and inflation, presidential aggrandizement and near-presidential impeachment. Navigating the turbulent seas of the twentieth century, the United States seems a bewildering nation, pragmatic and ideological, magnanimous and petty, moralistic and Machiavellian, anti-colonial and imperial, New Deal and laissez-faire.

ISBN: 0395378877 $35.00


Martha Washington: Our First Lady

Author:   Desmond, Alice Curtis

Pub:   Dodd, Mead & Company

1942, Hardcover , 303 pages



From the Angel's Blackboard: The Best of Fulton J. Sheen : A Centennial Celebration

Author:   Fulton J. Sheen

Pub:   Triumph Books

1995, Hardcover , 245 pages

ISBN: 0892437774 $35.00


Me: Stories of My Life

Author:   Hepburn, Katharine

Pub:   Alfred A. Knopf

1991, Hardcover , 420 pages, 

Summary:  Throwing aside her performing personality, she reveals the person behind the persona in a vivid, unforgettable self-portrait: Katharine Kepburn as we have never seen her before.

ISBN: 0679400516 $35.00


Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 1: 1884-1933

Author:   Cook, Blanche Wiesen

Pub:   Viking Adult

1992, Hardcover , 624 pages

ISBN: 067080486X $35.00


Treasures of American and Where to Find them

Author:   Reader's Digest

Pub:   Readers Digest

1974, Hardcover , 624 pages, Illustrations/Pictures

Summary:  An illustrated guide to our priceless heritage of art and architecture, furniture and the decorative arts, historic places, gardens, monuments and engineering marvels, the best loved treasures of our Nation.