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Banerji, M.L.: Orchids of Nepal. 1982 $20.00
Berner, Tamar: Ultrastructure of Microalgae 320 pgs. 93 on display $229.00
Blume, K.L. Catalogus van eenige der merkwaardigste zoo in-als Uitheemsche Gewassen te vinden in's land Plantentium Te Buitenzorg. Reprint bound $25.00
Bocconea, Vol. 1 $51.80
Bocconea, Vol. 2 $55.30
Bocconea, Vol. 3 $44.10
Bocconea, Vol. 4 $55.30
Bocconea, Vol. 5 (1) $100.80
Bocconea, Vol. 5 (2) $100.80
Bocconea, Vol. 6 $78.40
Bocconea, Vol. 7 $77.00
Bocconea, Vol. 8 $56.00
Bocconea, Vol. 9 $61.60
Both, Ernest: The Boletes of North America. A compendium 432 pgs, softbound, 1993 $10.00
Braun, Uwe: The Powdery mildews (erysiphales) of Europe. 377 pgs., 112 figs., bound, 1995 $135.00
Brummelen, van J. World Mongraph of the Genus Pseudombrophila (Pezizales, Ascomycotina)
117 pages, 33 text-figures, 8 colored plates Libri Botanici vol. 14 IHW Verlag
Burgett, D.M., Stringer, N.A. & Johnston, L.D. Nectar and Pollen Plants of Oregon and
the Pacific Northwest. 1989. Paper
Burns-Balogh, Pamela: A Reference Guide to Orchidiology. 4to, 1989 regular $63.00 special $29.95
Cash, Edith: A Mycological English-Latin Glossary 1965, softbound $12.50
Chautems, Alain: Revision taxonomique et possibilitites D’hybridations de Nematanthus Schrader genre Endemique de al Foret Bresilienne, 1987, DissBot #112 $72.00
Cogniaux, A.: Orchidaceae I-III (from Flora Brasiliensis Vol.3 Part 4-6) 3 vol., text and one vol. Plates $422.50
Colden, Jane Botanic Manuscript of Jane Colden 1st Woman Botanist 1724-1766 $30.00
Collins, N.M., Sayer, J.A. & Whitmore, T.C.: The Conversation Atlas of the Tropical Forests: Asia and the Pacific $95.00
Corner,E.J.H.: Agarics in Malesia. I Tricholomatoid II Mycenoid 271 pgs., 87 figs.,
21 water-colors of mushrooms,bound Nova Hedwigia Supply. 109
Correll, D.S. & H.B.: Flora of the Bahama Archipelago, with Illustrations by Priscilla Fawcett,
1692 pgs., bound
D’Amelio, Sr., F.S. Botanicals-A Phytocosmetic Desk Reference 361 pages some b/w illustr $119.95
Datta, Swapan K. Pathogenesis-Related Protein in Plants on display $129.95
Del’Tredici, Peter: A Giant among the Dwarfs. The Mystery of Sargent’s weeping hemlock. 1983, bound $17.50
Del’Tredici, Peter: St. George and the Pygmies. The story of Tsuga Canadensis "Minuta". 1984 $9.00
Dennis, R.W.G.: British Ascomycetes, 3rd ed., with supplement Bound $240.00
Dodge, Carrol W. Lichen Flora of the Antarctic Continent & adj. Islands bound 1973 $29.95
Drouet, F. Revision of the Stigonemataceae with summary of the Classification of Blue-Green Algae NH suppl.66 $80.00
Ewan, Joseph: Short history of botany in the U.S. 1969, bound $25.00
Ewan, J. & Nesta D. Biographical Dictionary of Rocky Mountain Naturalists
Regnum Veg. Vol. 107 bound
Farjon, Aljos: Pinaceae. Drawings and description of the Genera Abies, Cedrus,
Pseudolarix, Keteleeria, Nothotsuga, Tauga Cathaya, Pseudotsuga, Larix and Picea, 1990
Farkas, E.E.: Scripta Lichenologica. Lichenological papers Dedicated to Antonin Vezda. 501 pgs., softbound, Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Vol. 58 $140.00
Farr, E.R., et al: Index nominum Genericorum (Plantarum) 3 vols. 1979 $394.00
Fast, Gertrud: Orchideenhultur. Bot. Grundlagen, Kulturverfahren    Pflanzenbeschreiunngen, 1981 $75.00
Feige, G.B. & Lumbsch, H.T.: Phytochemistry and chemotaxonomy Lichenized ascomycetes-a festschrift in honor of Siegfried Huneck. Bibl. Lich. #53 $115.00
Flora Brasiliensis, reprint still available some xerox copies some Individual numbers available 15 volumes in 40 parts DM
Flora Brasiliensis, Vol. 3, Part 3 (with atlas) $70.00
Flora De La Republica de Cuba, Fasciculo 2 series A Plantas Vasculares Mimosaceae $60.00
Flora De La Republica de Cuba, Fasciculo 2 series A Plantas Vasculares: Araceae, Aristolochiaceae $45.00
Flora Hellenica, Vol 1: Gymnospermae to Caryophyllaceae $185.00
Flora of the Guianas: Series A: Phanerogams Fasc. 8, No. 187: Judziewics. Poaceae (gramineae) $210.00
Flora of the Guianas: Series B: Ferns & Fern Allies. Fasc. #3: Hymenophyllaceae $85.00
Flora of the Guianas: Series Ferns & Fern Allies. Fasc. #4: Dennistaeticeae-Hymenophylopsidaceae $50.00
Flora of the Guianas: Series B: Ferns & Fern Allies. Fasc. #6: Dryopteridaceae $65.00
Flora of the Guianas: Series C: Bryophytes, Fasc. #1 Musci III continuation of Flora of Suriname VI(I) Musci II $50.00
Flora of the Guianas: Series E: Fungi, lichens Trichot-Hellaceae (Lichens) $35.00
Flora of the USSR. Vol. 27 Compositae. Tribe II Echinopsideae Cass. Genus 1567 echinops L., 1996 $60.00
Flora of the USSR Vol. 28: Compositae Giseke(altern, Asteraceae Dumont.) Tribe 12 Cynareae less. & tribe 13 Mutisieae Cass.) 1998 810 pages illustr trans. From Russian $250.00
Flora of the USSR vols1-22, 24-28 & 30                                                          set price DM
Flora of the USSR. Vol.30: Hieracium L. (Compositae Giseke-Asteraceae Dumont) $160.00
Flora Mediterranea,Vol.1 $58.80
Flora Mediterranea, Vol.2 $58.00
Flora Mediterranea, Vol.3 $58.80
Flora Mediterranea, Vol.4 $58.80
Flora Mediterranea, Vol.5 $58.80
Flora Mediterranea, Vol.6 $58.80
Flora Mediterranea, Vol.7 $58.80
Flora Mediterranea, Vol.8 $58.80
Fritsch,R.: Index to Bryophyte chromosome counts. 1991, Bryophytorum Bibliotheca #40 $89.70
Galun,Margalith Handbook of Lichenology. 3 vols. Vol.1 on display
    Vol.1.....$260.00         vol.2.....$220.00          vol.3.....$200.00
set price
Geerinck, B.: Orchidaceae. Part 1 Flore d’Afrique Centrale, 1984 $85.00
Gehu,J.-M. ed. Colloques Phytosociologiques vol.10 Lille 1981 Les Vegetations Aquatiques et Amphibies other vols. available $136.00
Gerhardt,Ewald:Biblio.Botanica h.147 Taxonomische Revision der Gattungen Panaeolus und Panaeolina(Fungi,Agaricales, Coprinaceae 150 pages softbound $115.00
Ghazanfar,S.A. Handbook of Arabian Medicinal Plants ’94 272 pgs $139.95
Gilbert, J.E. Le Genre Amanita Persoon(Amanita s.-st.Amanitopsis R.,-Limacella E. biblio.
Mycologica 53 1976 softbound
Gilbertson & Ryvarden: North American Popypores. With drawings by R.L. Gilbertson-2 volume set $175.00
Ginns, J.& Lefebure M.N.L. Lignicoloous Corticioid Fungi (Basidiomycota) of N.A.Systematics,Distribution,&Ecology Mycologia Memoirs #19 1993 APS bound $58.00
Glime, J.M.& Saxens,D. Uses of Bryophytes 1991 bound $25.00
Goebel, K. Organography of Plants especially archogoniatae & Spermatophyta. 2 vols. Bound our publication $75.00
Gordon, Bob Culture of the Phalaenopsis Orchid.4to ’87 wirebind $16.95
Graf, Frank: Ecology and sociology of macromycetes in snowbeds With Salix Herbacea L. in the Alpine Valley of Radoent Dissert. Botan Vol.235 $85.00
Graves, C.B.Eames et al. Catalogue of the Flowering Plants & Ferns Of Connecticut growing wild.
1910 reprint 1974
Ask for special price with purchase of Seymour Flora of N.E
Gray,Peter:The Microtomist’s Formulary and Guide.794 pages bd $69.50
Greuter,Werner: International cose of botanical nomenclature. Tokyo code, 1993,389 pgs., cloth.
Reg. Vege.#131
Greuter, Werner: Names in current use for Extant plane Genera. NCU-3, Regnum Vegetabile Vol. 129 $398.00
Greven, H.C.: Changes in the Dutch Bryophyte Flora and Air Pollution- significance of mosses for nature conservation Dissertations Botanicae Vol. 194 $55.00
Gronovius, J.F.: Flora Virginica Exhibens plantas quas V.C.Johnnes Clayton in Virginia Oservavit Atque Collegit 1739-43 $35.00
Gronovius, J.F.: Flora Virginica Exhibens plantas quas Crescentes Observavit, collegit and obtulit D.J.F. Gronovio $35.00
Gulden, F, Hoiland, K., Brandrud, T.E., et al: Macromycetes and air Pollution. Mycocoenlogical studies in three oligotrophic Forests in Europe. Bibl. Myc#144 $42.00
Haberlandt,G. Physiological Plant Anatomy. Trans .from German By Drummond. 1990 reprint in India $35.00
Hacker, J.B.: A Guide of herbaceous and Shrub legumes of Queensland. Bound, 1990, 351 pgs., illustr $75.75
Hawksworth, D.L.: Improving the Stability of Names: needs and Options. Proceedings of an International Symposium Kew 1991, bound. Regnum Vegetabile #123 $135.00
Hegewald, E., et al: Studies on the Genus Scenedesmus Meyen (Chlorophyceae, Chlorococcales) from Southern India Nova Hedwigia Beiheft 99 $96.00
Heliovaara,K.&Vaisanan,R. Insects & Pollution.393 pages,illustr. Bound 1993 $99.95
Hesler,L.R.: North American Species of Gymnopilus 1969, Mycologia Memoir #3 $15.00
Hillebrand,W. Flora of Hawaiian Islands reprint 1981 bound $37.50
Hitchcock, A.S.: manual of the Grasses of the West Indies. 1936(reprint 1986) $40.00
Holmgren, P.K. & Holmgren, N.H.: Plant Specialists Index. Index To specialists of plants and fungi based on date from Index Herbarioum. Regnum Vegetabile Vol. 124 $120.00
Hoogland, et al: NCU-1: Family names in current use for Vascular Plants, Bryophytes, and Fungi. Regnum Vegetabile #126 $32.00
Hooker, W.J. & Walker-Arnott, G.A.: The Botany of Captain Beechey’s Voyage, HNC #39 $96.00
Huang,K.C.:The Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs.2nd ed.’99 $139.00
Hustedt, Friedrich: Die Kieselalgen, 3 volume set Rabenhorst’s Kryptygamenflora. Vii: 1-3 $739.00
Index Hepaticarum vol. 12 Racemigemma bound $128.00
Index Kewensis: Plantarum Phanerogaamarum, 2 volume set $715.00
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature: 14th Int’l. Congress Berlin 07-08-87,
Regnum Vegetabile #118
Jarvis, C.E., et al: A List of Linnaean Generic Names and Their Types.
Regnum Vegetabile #127
Johnson, Timothy CRC Ethnobotany Desk Reference ’98 1224 pg $149.95
Jordan,B.R.(ed) the Molecular Biology of Flowering 266 pg. 93 bd $85.50
Juelich, W. Die Nichtblaetterpilze, Galleriepilze und Bauchpilze. 626 pgs. 175 figs.
17 plates bd. Gams Kleine Krypto.2b/1
Kalra, Yash P.(ed) handbook of Reference Methods for Plant Analysis 1997 320 pages $55.00
Karling, J.S.: Chytridiomycetarum Iconografia 1978,414pages line drawings b/w $50.00
Kaufman, P.B. Natural Products from Plants.368 pgs.’98 on display $129.95
King, Gillian M. Anomodontia pa Encycl. Of Paleoherpetology 17C $138.60
New volumes just published by Dr. Pfeil publishing see web Klucking, E.P.: Leaf Venation Patterns. Vol.6: Flacourtiaceae. 1992 $198.00
Klucking, E.P.: Leaf Venation Patterns. Vol. 7: the Classification of Leaf Venation Patterns $200.00
Koechlin, J., et al: Flore et Vegetation de Magagascar, 1974. Flora et Vegetatio Mundi 5 $290.00
Komarkova, V. Alpine Vegetation of the Indian Peaks Area, Front Range, Colorado Rocky Mts.
2 vols. 1 text 1 atlas
Kruijt, R.C. Taxonomic monograph of Sapium Jacq. Anomostachys (Baill.)Hurus., Duvigneaudia (Euphorbiaceae Tribe Hippo.) 1996 109 pages 35 figures 8 tables. Bibliotheca Bot. 146 $100.00
Kuester, Ernst: Pathology of Protoplasms. (Pathology of the Plant Cell, Part 1) Protoplasma Monographien Bd. III $50.00
Kuwahara, Y.: The Metzgeriaceae of the Neotropics. Bryophytorum Bibl. #28 $96.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 1: Die diatomeen bacillariaphyceae $70.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 2: Indicators of Oligotrophy $145.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 3: Diatom taxa $125.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 4: Annotated diatom micrograph taxonomy $125.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 5: Diversity-taxonomy-geobotany $270.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 6: Phytogeography-Diversity-Taxonomy $175.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 7: Diversity-Taxonomy-Identification $310.00
Lange-Bertalot, Horst, et al: Iconographia Diatomologica Vol. 8: Taxonomy $150.00
Larsen, Michael J: A Contribution to the taxonomy of the Genus Tomentella, Myc. Mem. #4 $12.50
Lindley, John:Folia Orchidacea India reprint 2 one bd $50.00
Linnaeus, C.: Bibliotheca Botanica reprint $17.50
Linnaeus, C: Mantissa Plantarum bound reprint HNC $145.00
Lock, J.M. & Heald, J.: Legumes of Indo-China. A checklist. 164 pgs., softbound, 1994 $35.00
Lock, J.M. & simpson, K.: Legumes of West Asis. A checklist. 263 pgs., softbound, 1991 $45.00
Lokhorst, Gijsbert M.: Comparative taxonomic studies on the Genus Klebsormidium
(Charophyceae)in Europe, Crytogamic studies, Vol. 5
Lokhorst, Gijsbert M.: Taxonomic studies in the Genus Heterococcus. Cryptogamis studies vol. 3 $126.00
Lorente,Maria Palynology & Palyofacies of the Upper Tertiary in Venezuela 225 pages, 43 illustr.’86 softbound Diss.Bot.99 $87.60
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