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Atkinson, A. C.: Plots Transformations and Regression: Introduction of graphical methods of diagnostic Regression Analysis 292 pages, paper bound 0-19-8533359-4
Provides a detailed intro. to diagnostic regression analysis
Bailey, N.T.J.: The Biomathematics of Malaria. 224 pages, illustr. Bound 1982 019-520565-0
There is a serious threat of Malaria worldwide (150 million cases each year) in Africa one million children die of the disease annually before the age of five.
Bartholomew, David J.: Latent Variable Models and Factor Analysis. 200 pages, 1987, bound,
G.S.M. #40
Among the many branches of multivariate analysis, latent variable models have an important place as providing a framework for reducing from large scale statistical inquiries to manageable proportions.
Boldrini, M.: Scientific Truth and Statistical Method. Translated from the Italian by Ruth Kendall.
264 pages, 6 illustr. 10 tables bound. 1972  0-85264-197-4
To establish Scientific Truth Boldrini quotes many eminent scientists and philosophers down the ages. He analyses the errors of the past dogmatism in the light of the intellectual revolution brought about by relativity and quantum physics. Investigates and criticizes recent theories and concepts - scientific inference, causation ,etc. - and lays guidelines for practical work. "Gives an overview of central areas of philosophy of science, the translation is excellent." J. Royal Stat. Soc.
Cambridge Statistical Tracts bound inquiries accepted each $30.00
Buckland, W.R. & Fox, R.: Bibliography of Basic Texts and Monographs on Statistical Methods.
1945-1960 294 pages, bound, 2nd ed., 1963
David, F.N.: A First Course in Statistics. 2nd rev. ed., softbound, 1971, G.S.M.  No. 31
This is a revised and extended introductory work for non-mathematicians. "Written in a clear and pleasant style, with a direct and almost personal appeal. The worked examples are well chosen".  (Times Educational Supplement).0852642067
David, F.N., Kendall, M.G. & Barton, D.E.: Symmetric Function and Allied Tables
276 pages, bound, 1966 0852647026
David, H. A.: The method of Paired Comparisons. Corrected edition. 124 pages, softbound, 1969, G.S.M. No.12
Gives a unified picture of the method of paired comparisons, dealing with design and analysis, and the choice of appropriate probability models. 0852640137
David, H.A. & Moeschberger, M.L.: The Theory of competing Risks. 103 pages, softbound, 1975, G.S.M. No. 39
The theory of competing risks is concerned with the assessment of a specific risk in the complicating presence of other risks. It is of particular importance to statisticians confronted by liability of survival analyses, as well as to vital statisticians, demographers and actuaries. 0852642490
Finney, D.J.: Statistics for Mathematicians. An introduction. 213 pgs., 9 illustr., 28 tables, cloth 1965
This introduction to mathematical statistics is intended for first or second year math students. It departs from the conventional order of elementary texts, and develops mathematical and logical argument in relation to particular statistical problems.
Fisk, P.R.: Stochastically Dependent Equations. 189 pgs., softbound , 1976,
G.S.M. No. 21
A concise explanation of statistical techniques developed for models of linear stochastically dependent equations. ISBN 085264177X
Geary, H.C. & Spencer, J.E.: Elements of Linear Programming With Economic Applications. 2nd ed.
138 pgs., softbound, 1973, G.S.M. No. 15
Guenther, W.C.: Sampling Inspection in Statistical Quality Control. 213 pgs., 26 illustr., 210 exercises, softbound, 1977 G.S.M. No. 37
A highly practical manual concentrating on applications mainly concerned with sampling models.
Haitovsky, Y.: Regression Estimation from Grouped Observations. 94 pgs., 20 tables, softbound , 1973, G.S.M. No.33
Of particular interest to statisticians working in economics and sociology. It throws up several interesting research problems. (International Statist. Review)
Haux, R.: Expert Systems in Statistics. Selected papers from a Workshop organized by the working group "Computational Statistics" the German Region of the International Biometric Society. 200 pages, softbound, 1986 $32.00
Homan, H.H.: Biological Research Method. Practical Statistics for non-Mathematicians. 2nd ed. 272 pgs., bound, 1969 $22.50
Jeffreys, Harold (Sir): Theory of Probability. 3rd ed. 472 pgs., paper, 1939 (reprint 1983)
Intended for pure and applied statisticians, and graduate mathematics students, this is a superb statement both of the theory and its applications.
Kendall, Maurice G. (Sir) ( Originator ): The advanced Theory of Statistics. 6th Edition
Volume 1: Distribution Theory by Alan Stuart and J. Keith Ord 620 pages, cloth, 1994
In all, this new edition contains the most extensive rewriting of the work since its first appearance in three volumes in 1958. In its scope and authority the 5th edition, in 4 volumes, constitutes both a major achievement of mathematical scholarship, and a worthy contemporary representation of Sir Maurice Kendall’s first conception of more than a hundred years ago.
Kendall, Maurice, G. ( Sir) (Originator ): The advanced Theory of Statistic.
Volume 2A: Classical Inference. 6th ed., 1998, 640 ogs.,cloth
Covering the classical theory of inference and relationship, this new edition of Kendall’s Advanced Theory cover estimation theory, interval estimation, the testing of hypothetical regression and comparative inference. Statistical Theory has moved on considerably since the last edition and the author have made sure that all the developments are included. Readership: Graduate statisticians and researchers.
Kendall, Maurice, G. (Sir) (Originator): The Advanced Theory of Statistics.
Volume 2B: Bayesian Inference. 1994, 304 pgs.,cloth
Kendall, M. (Sir): Mathematical Model Building in Economics and Industry. 172 pages, illustr., 12 tables, softbound, 1985
A series of essays on the use of models. The standard is high throughout and the author is distinguished.  (ASLIB)
Kendall, M. (Sir):---, Series II: 285 pages, 32 illustr., softbound, 1970 $19.95
Kendall, M. (Sir): Multivariate Analysis. 2nd ed. 51 worked examples. 218 pgs., 28 tables, bound, 1980
"…the same clear discussion of a complex subject…" (Time Series)
Kendall, M. (Sir): Statistics: Theory & Practice. (Selected papers; edited by Alan Staurt). 288 pgs., 27 illustr., 56 tables, bound, 1984
"Only those who are giants in their chosen field are worthy of memorial volumes, but Sir Maurice certainly deserves his for any statistician’s book shelf." (The Mathematical Gazett)
Kendall, M.G.& Doig, A.G.: Bibliography of Statistical Literature. Volume 1: 1950-1958 297 pages, bound, 1962 $25.00
Kotz, S.: Russian-English/English-Russian Glossary of Statistical Terms. Based on A Dictionary of Statistical Terms by Kendall & Buckland. 87 pages, bound, 1971 $25.00
Lancaster, H.O.: Bibliography of Statistical Bibliographies. 103 pages, bound, 1968
Published for the International Statistical Institute- The four main chapters of the book are: personal bibliographies of  the main contributors to the mathematical theory of statistics over the last three centuries, subject bibliographies by authors up to 1965, including some for 1966, subject index to the previous section, and an author index for all authors of chapter 1 and second authors from chapter 2.
Leech, F.B. & Sellers, K.C.: Statistical Epidemiology in Veterinary Science. 170 pgs. , 12 illustr.,
29 tables, bound, 1979
Animal diseases must be studied under field conditions and this book is the first to set out the required statistical background. Guidance is given to field investigation , to the planning of control measures, to priority research decisions and to the study of a disease entity. "There will be few research workers who would not gain from reading this book." (Veterinary Bulletin).
Leser, C.E.V.: Econometric Techniques and Problems. 2nd edition. 144 pages, softbound, 1974,
G.S.M. No. 20
Designed for students and research workers applying some knowledge of mathematics, economics, and statistics, and also providing a first course for students intending to specialize in the subject.
Lyle, P.: Regression Analysis of Production Costs and Factory Operations. 3rd ed. 197 pages, figures, bound, 1957 sold
Newman, T.G. & Odell, P.L.: The Generation of Random Variates. Bibliography & 88 pages, softbound, 1971, G.S.M. No.29
Describes arithmetical methods of generating large sequences of random numbers for sampling techniques. Existing tests are recommendations made.
Neyman, J. & Pearson, E.S.: Joint Statistical Papers. 299 pages, 4to bound, 1967
From the late 1920’s onwards, many of the important advances in statistics were due to J. Neyman & E.S. Pearson, working together or separately . This volume contains their joint work on the testing of statistical hypothesis.
O’Connor, R. & Henry, E.W.: Input-Output Analysis. 214 pages, bound, 1975,
G.S.M. No. 36
Written to introduce economists, and students to an efficient use of a powerful analytical tool, this monograph requires no more than mathematical capabilities. It discusses, reviews methodology and shows the system in action.
Ottestad, P.: Statistical Models and Their Experimental Applications. 96 pages, softbound, 1970,
G.S.M. No. 25
Emphasizes the need for Models used in forecasting and testing Hypotheses to be realistic, not merely mathematically tractable.
Pearson, E.S.: Selected Papers 327 pages, bound, 1966
Published to mark 30 years by the author as Editor of Biometrika. A Selection of the many papers Pearson has written .
Pearson, E.S.: Biometrica Tables for Statisticians. Vol. 1 3rd ed. (reprinted with corrections) 4to,
286 pages, bound, 1984
These two volumes of stat. Tables cover the vast majority of situations encountered by statisticians, Extensive introductions cover detailed descriptions of the tables and examples of their use. They contain the more commonly used tables and are particularly suitable for students.
Pearson, E.S.: Biometrica Tables for Statisticians. Vol. II (reprinted with corrections) 403 pages, bound 1976 $110.00
Pearson, E.S. & Kendall, M. ( Sir ): Studies in the History of Statistics and Probability,
Volume 1: 490 pages, bound, 1978
( For Volume 2, see Kendall & Plackett. ) These two volumes give a practically continuous account of the emergence and development of statistical and probabilistic ideas from the earliest times. They provide a stimulus for further advance.
Pearson, K.: The History of Statistics in the 17th and 18th Centuries, against the changing Background of intellectual, scientific , and religious thought. Lectures given at the University College London during the academic Sessions 1921-33. Edited by E.S. Pearson 762 pages, 13 illustr., bound, 1978
These lectures are a record, set down about 60 years ago, by a man who had a deep historical instinct and sense of continuity. His son has added 1978 editorial notes. Those covered included Graunt, Petty, Chamberlayne, Neumann, Hallet, King, De Moivre, Button, Bernoulli, Bayes, deCondorcet, Laplace, and many others. "We cannot fail to be fascinated and grateful for this chance to witness these lectures." (Nature)
Pearson, K.: Tables of the Incomplete Beta Function. 2nd ed., 537 pages, bound, 1968
The function tabulated is of three arguments . An introduction describes methods of interpolation and calculation for special cases.
Plackett, R.L.: Analysis of Categorical Data. 2nd ed. 219 pages, tables, bound, 1981, G.S.M. No. 35
Concerned with the analysis of data obtained by counts, presented as frequencies, and subject to multiple classification, this is designed for students taking advanced courses, and for teachers and research workers. It shows how the commonly used statistical procedures are derived.
Seber, G.A.F.: The Linear Hypothesis: a general theory. 2nd ed. 127 pgs. Bound, 1980, G.S.M. No. 19
Linear hypothesis is relevant to many branches of statistics, and here, in compact form, is a unified treatment of the basic ideas.
Shenton, L.R. & Bowman, K.O.: Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Small Samples. 196 pages, softbound, 1977, G.S.M. No. 38
Statisticians’ data often consists of small samples, making difficult predictions about whole populations. Here methods of estimation are described to deal with such samples.
Smith, H.V.: Tables for Numerical Integration. 187 pgs., paperback, 1982
Scientists and technologists are concerned with the numerical approximations of integrals , the desired accuracy being achieved by repeating a particular quadrate rule until convergence occurs. This booklet eliminates the need for repetition by setting out tables of global error bounds for many of the well known quadrate formulae, these enable the user to choose which form of quadrate rule to employ to give required accuracy.
Smith, J.: Computer Simulation Models. 123 pages, 26 illustr., softbound, 1968
"This will written book… successfully blends theory with practice…" (Computer bulletin)
Spencer, J.E. & Geary, R.C.: Exercises in Mathematical Econometrics. With outlines of Theory. 119 exercises, 155 pages, bound, 1974
Designed for third year undergraduates specializing in mathematical economics and econometrics, or operational research. The basic theory is given in each chapter, and the main emphasis is on applications, methodology and computations. "Guiding readers to a better understanding…via carefully chosen examples….useful to teachers as well as students." (Royal Statistical Society)
Stuart, A.: The Ideas of Sampling . 3rd ed. 104 [ages, softbound, 1984, G.S.M. No.4
"Retains its unique position in the literature of sampling procedures as the right book with which everyone should begin."  (ASLIB.)
Vajda, S.: Problems in Linear and Non-Linear Programming 259 pages, softbound, 1975
235 problems with 128 pages of solutions. Students revise, test their understanding and increase their knowledge of techniques.
Vajda, S.: Patterns and Configurations in Finite Spaces. 127 pages , illustr., softbound , 1967,
G.S.M. No. 22
Deals with the combinatorial aspect of construction designs for use in statistical experiments.
VanDobben de Bruyn, C.S.: Cumulative Sum Tests. Theory and Practice . 93 pages, illustr. tables, softbound, 1968, G.S.M. No. 24
Describes the use of tests to control the state of a process. Applications to quality control, sales forecasting, etc.
Wegner, P.: An Introduction to Symbolic Programming. 219 pgs. , softbound, 1966, G.S.M. No. 11
An introduction to the use of symbolic programming languages on computers.
Yule, G.U.: Statistical Papers. (1871-1951) Selected by Alan Stuart & Maurice G. Kendall. 1to, 455 pages, illustr., bound, 1971
George Undy Yule was , after Karl Pearson its founder, the greatest of the first exponents of modern statistical theory. Yule’s centenary year was made the occasion for this re-publication of twelve of his most important papers-valuable background to modern method.