About Us
Lubrecht & Cramer was started by J.Cramer and Harry Lubrecht in 1975.  The purpose was to distribute and publish scientific books.  For over 30 years we have stocked many titles of interest to the scientist and the non-scientist.

Over the years we added Olms publications to the list of publishers.   Olms publishes books in many languages and has reprinted many of the classical volumes that were destroyed during World War Two.  We stock many of the English Volumes that deal with Shakespeare, Chaucer and other classical authors.   We are adding new categories monthly. We have currently added entomology(insects) from our vast collection of books.  We currently have over 10,000 books in stock.  However we have not been able to add them to our web site as rapidly as we would like.

You can search our web site by category or publisher.

We have added medical titles published by Fischer Publishing in Germany.   We anticipate adding Entomolgica Americana monographs shortly.  Our goal is to add Geology and Floras as the next categories in the scientific field and Philosophy titles from Olms publications.

We do appraisals of Libraries as an additional service.  

You get call, fax or email us for additional information or if you have a title in mind that you would like to purchase.

Charles Lubrecht
Judy Flieger